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    Great job on site upgrade. Project took a little longer then expected but it was done to my full expectations. Will definitely use again. Thanks guys ! noop Twitter clone, noop

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  • Agriya welcomes you to the highly profitable world of online business. Day by day, this industry is getting more energetic and competitive. Millions of ideas and concepts are evolving every day. Design contest or Logo design contest sounds to be one of the strongest concepts among them. Analyzing various aspects of the logo design contest industry, we have developed a vibrant script which is capable of hosting any kind of logo design contest or design contest. Not just that it can be used for any type of image contest or text contest too.

  • Some motivating facts which inspired Agriya to develop a 99design clone.

    Famous design contest website, Designcrowd has awarded more than 7 million dollars to its designers. On an average 100 designers take part in every design contest. About 96% of satisfied customers recommend websites like crowdspring.com. These factors motivated us to build a combination clone of 99designs, logotournament, design contest, designcrowd and crowdspring.

  • Need of a design contest site in online markets.

    Crowdsourcing is a billion dollar industry. Design contest has become a strong source of revenue for freelancers. It is very helpful for business organization as well. They always have various design requirements. These design contests or Logo design contests help them to get various collections of designs from designers all over the world and they also get fresh ideas from them.

  • On the other end, designers get paid for their work. The designers can improve their work profile by taking part in various design contests and Logo design contests. They also get regular works. This would help them to gain more experience. We analyzed all the crucial need and framed a user-friendly and business oriented product called as "360Contest".

Multiple ways to Earn money by using 360Contest

  • Our expert development team, has integrated the various features to enhance the experience of the design contest. They have also taken efforts to include multiple options for generating revenue. This will help the site owner to earn in various ways. Let's have a look at those options.

  • 1. Ad – Banner management

    In order to drive more consumers and allow them to take advantage of the commercial world, we have created a banner management system which allows you to add remove and change your banners. The site admin can use these banners to use Google Adsense, Yahoo publisher, AdChoices, adBrite, Clicksor and various other advertising programs, which would attract revenue to your site.

  • 2. Ad-CAPTCHA management

    We develop our products with respect to our customers' demands. One of the crucial demand is to include a mechanism to stop spam users. We took an extra mile and associated a revenue generating option as well. We have added an innovative CAPTCHA system which provides a visual puzzle and specializes in security checks.

    We have intelligently included this CAPTCHA system in registration form. A user who has to register will enter the CAPTCHA and thus we will earn revenue from it. Agriya, has launched the first ever revenue generating CAPTCHA system in clone script markets.

  • 3. Membership Fee

    This feature allows the admin to set up a membership fee for the users who register with the website. It is the part of strong revenue model of 360contest. We have also provided a provision to alter the membership fee.

    With this feature the site owner is assured that there are no spam users will register their site. It also provides an assurance to contest holders that professional designers will take part in their contest.

  • 4. Contest duration fee

    The contest holder will have to decide the duration of the contest. For each duration there is a dedicated amount set by the admin. The site admin can add more options using the form builder. Moreover the admin can mention different price rates for each category.

  • 5. Additional contest options

    We have provided additional contest options, so that the contest holder can get maximum benefits. For each and every option we have revenue associated with it. Here are the following options.

    Blind Contest

    The participants can only view their entires and will not be able to see the entries posted by others. This additional feature is crafted with respect to the designers. It will motivate them to submit their designs since other designers will not be able to use the concepts of them.

    Private contest

    Your contest will be visible to the registered participants. This adds an added advantage of security and also drives more proper traffic to the site.

    Featured contest

    The contest will be listed before the non featured contest. This additional feature will help the contest to gain more visibility and will excite the designers to participate in your design contest .

  • 6. Participant commission

    As soon as the contest holder declares a winner, the designer is rewarded with the prize money. The site admin can set up a percentage of commission in the admin panel and obtain a part of the prize money.

  • Highlighting Features of 360Contest

  • Dynamic Form builder

    Each service needs a form which would convey the needs of the contest holder to the designer. It helps designers to understand the pulse of the contest holders and provide excellent service. We integrated a form builder which is capable of generating dynamic forms with respect to the contest category.

    It is a unique approach through which an admin can manage any type of contest effectively. So, with the help of this option admin can add any run any number of contests irrespective of its verticals. This provides the site owner to easily generate form and manage them.

  • Template management

    This PHP script is developed in Croogo - A CakePHP powered Content Management System. The advantage of this CMS is that it provides an incredibly easy method to switch the entire look of the site by uploading various templates. Admin can choose a template that they want to use.

    All they need to do is upload the CSS file in a subdirectory of the server. The advantage of this feature is that it gives an energetic look to your site and it also projects that the site is always updating its design to meet the current user requirements.

  • Plug-in Friendly

    We have added a plug-in management system, wherein the site admin can enable and disable the plug-ins. This feature makes the script more convenient for the site admin. It also makes the website user-friendly and business-friendly.

    Note: Some plug-ins may be premium (paid) plug-ins

  • Contest discussion board

    Agriya, has focused to make 360 contest a very user-friendly product hence we added a discussion board for each contest. It empowers the contest holder to send private discussion to a particular user and he can also discuss it publicly. It promotes effective communication between designers and the contest holder.

  • PayPal Payment Gateway

    This feature allows the contest holder to pay the money via PayPal and credit card. Once he declares a winner for his contest, the prize money will be transferred to the winner’s wallet. The designer can then raise a request to withdraw his money.

  • Demo and Pricing

    360 designs, is a platform on which will assist you to create a marketplace for various design contests. If you are developing such a site please fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you and send the demo and pricing details for the software. We will also send information about the customization costs, design costs and more. Please also let us know if you have any specific questions about this software and we will happy to answer them.

  • Legal Information

    Please note that the use of the phrases "99designs clone, Logotournament clone, Designcrowd" is for marketing purposes only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a website similar to another site. Agriya certifies that the entire code and design has been completely developed and built by our own team of developers. No code, design or graphics are utilized from the 99designs or Logotournament or Designcrowd websites . Our product, 360 contest enables you to run a design contest website which is similar to 99designs, Logotournament or Designcrowd.