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  • It's Not An Etsy Clone: It's An Etsy Clone With Afterburners and Rockets Attached!  

    Build a marketplace where you are the owner and merchants can come and list their stuff to sell on your site

    Etsy has made its name by allowing people to sell high quality, hand crafted products on their site. Etsy doesn't create any of the products themselves but they rely on an informal network of crafts people to create the products to sell. This Etsy clone script handles the promotion, marketing, billing and delivery options and the sellers take care of the fulfillment and creating their lovingly crafted products - a win-win situation all

  • Now, based on the concept of building mutually beneficial partnerships, Agriya has created not just an Etsy clone but a fully loaded buyers and sellers marketplace where sellers can come along and list their products for sale and rely on you to do the marketing and advertising for the website. The entire system is automated with the sellers getting their money, being informed of the customer order details and the admin (that's you) taking a commission on every sale that is made.

  • Features of Etsy clone script:

    Our etsy clone script development team has user their expertise and creativity in nourishing this etsy clone script with various features, have a look at them.

  • Create An eCommerce Store Without Sourcing a Single Product

    If you have ever dreamed of opening an e-Commerce store but don't want to get involved with product admin, stock control or dropshipping then BuySell is the solution you've been looking for. By letting other people list their products for sale you don't have to deal with the headaches of keeping the details up to date, updating the pricing, removing out-dated or old stock and uploading hundreds of new products everyday.

    By letting the people who make their living selling products list their items on your etsy clone website, you are free to concentrate on the sales and marketing of the website rather than negotiating with suppliers to get the best possible pricing.

  • Sell Any Type Of Product

    BuySell supports tangible and digital products so you can offer your customers a choice or you can focus on a specific market, for example you could use BuySell to create a royalty free music loops store where DJ's and musicans can upload their music and sell their audio creations. Customers can then add all the products in to a cart and download the MP3's after successful payment.

    The software also provides comprehensive support for physical products with a huge range of shipping options, attributes and other variables meaning that no matter what type of product your merchants want to sell they'll be able to customize their listing to their requirements.

  • PayPal Adaptive Payments For Minimal Site Administration

    PayPal have brought out some cutting edge tools that most ecommerce websites have never even heard of. By taking advantage of the latest PayPal technology, BuySell has been built to make your site run with minimal effort from your side. It uses something called PayPal Adaptive Payments to ensure that whenever a customer buys something from your site the seller is paid immediately and your site commission is automatically paid in to your PayPal account.

    This cuts down the admin work you need to do because merchants never have to request a withdrawal. Furthermore, if the customer has any complaints or files a dispute, the money in the merchants account is frozen and can be refunded if required - there is no way your customers can lose out from unscrupulous merchants.

  • Merchant Shops

    Every merchant who creates an account to sell their products will have a micro store created for them within your website. The micro-store lists all the products the merchant has for sale.

  • Multi-Lingual

    Need to set up a shop in France? No problem, BuySell is completely multi-lingual and you can add a new language to the site with a few clicks of a mouse button. All the text can be translated from the admin backend and users can switch to their preferred language. There are some restrictions with the multi-lingual interface due to database restrictions. Some text such as the category name is stored in the database and only one language version is available.

  • Multi-Currency

    The world works in US Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Rupees, Yens and more so why not your website? With BuySell your merchants can set their desired currency for their products. PayPal supports all major currency types so you are only limited to what PayPal accepts!

  • Customer Wish Lists

    Keep your customers by allowing them to create a wishlist of products which they can add to their account and monitor the prices so that they can come back later on and buy the products on their wishlist.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We have listed some of the questions we've received about BuySell below:

    1. What framework and technology is BuySell built in?

    BuySell is built on the Agriya framework which has been underdevelopment since 2006. It powers several thousand websites and is a highly proven and scalable framework. Agriya provides full documentation on customizing and modifying the framework to suit your requirements. This etsy clone script uses a Smarty templating system to allow anyone with some programming experience to integrate a new design.

    2. What payment system is integrated in to BuySell?

    BuySell uses PayPal with adaptive payments to allow you to process the payment and pay the seller and the admin automatically from a single transaction.

    3. What are the server requirements for BuySell?

    BuySell is a high spec piece of software which makes a lot of use of Javascript and AJAX which needs a lot of server memory for performance. While a shared hosting account may be acceptable for testing and early use, Agriya recommends the etsy clone script is used on a dedicated server when it is live.

    4. Is the software encrypted?

    Yes, This etsy clone script has certain licensing files that are encrypted however this doesn't impact your ability to customize the software. If you contract Agriya to customize the software for you the license restrictions may be removed but it will need to be discussed with your sales rep.

    5. What is Agriya's refund policy?

    Due to the digital nature of our products Agriya considers all transactions to be final. However if the product has not been downloaded then a refund can be requested. Once the software has been downloaded a refund cannot be given. A full working demo is available and Agriya encourages all customers to thoroughly test the demo before making a purchase to ensure it fits your requirements.

    6. Can I customize the software?

    You can customize the software to your exact requirements, Agriya can assist with any customization you need along with creating a new design and design integration. Agriya can also help you integrate a new payment system. Please note that any customization by 3rd parties will not be supported by Agriya, ie. we will charge a fee to fix any problems caused by other developers who have worked on the software.

    7. What support do you offer for your product?

    Agriya offers 3 months of and updates for BuySell. You can order support and update extensions from your customers area. Support is only provided via our online helpdesk, however you can purchase Premium Support which allows access to developers via instant messenger and phone.

  • Hosting Requirements for Etsy clone website

    BuySell will run fine on VPS or dedicated servers with cPanel as the control panel, however it will be fine to use it on a shared cPanel hosting server for testing and in the early stages. Agriya can provide no support for customers who choose GoDaddy hosting as their hosting service is incompatible with Agriya's software. Agriya can recommend several hosting solutions.

  • Demo and Pricing

    BuySell is designed as a platform on which you can create an online marketplace website. If you are interested in developing such a site please fill in the form below and we will email you all the demo and pricing details regarding the software along with information on customization costs, design costs etc. Please also let us know if you have any specific questions regarding this software and we will answer them.

    Want to start trying out the software right now? Fill in the form below and we'll instantly email you the demo details, pricing details and everything else you need to know about getting your etsyclone website up and running.

  • About Agriya

    For more than a decade Agriya have been providing web development for a great many satisfied customers. Staying ahead in any business is facilitated by embracing change and Agriya has moved in the direction of creating clone scripts which can be used to build stable, scalable websites. These clone scripts include the groupon clone the scriptlance clone the grubwithus clone the flippa clone and the airbnb clone. These scripts can act as the basis for highly successful, lucrative businesses.

  • Legal Information

    Please note that the use of the phrase "etsy clone" is for marketing purposes only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a website similar to another site. Agriya certifies that the entire code and design has been completely developed and built by our own team of developers. No code, design or graphics has been used from the Etsy website. Agriya's software enables you to run an ecommerce marketplace website which is similar to Etsy.