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Agriya has developed a complete Fiverr or Gigbucks clone with all the functions and features of the original site. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to test drive our Fiverr clone or Gigbucks clone.

Fiverr Clone Enquiries

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Why Take Any Chances? Use The Number 1 Fiverr Clone Script On The Market

When it comes to online business, you can't afford to take any chances which is why the biggest sites and best entrepreneurs choose Agriya to provide a dependable, scaleable, fully supported solution for them. Sure there are other choices in the market, you could go for a cheap mini job or micro job script which has been coded by a freelancer and sold by someone who doesn't know their PHP from their mySQL, but what kind of support can you expect after the sale?

Agriya's Fiverr Clone Script Homepage

    Agriya is a large development company who have been creating websites for over 11 years and have thousands of satisified customers using our software. We started building software products in 2006 and since then have helped over 7,000 people set up their video sharing sites, social networking sites, group buying sites and mini or micro job websites. Agriya knows what it takes to build, maintain and support a product like FP Platform, we have the experience, skills and expertise to make sure the last thing you need to worry about is problems with your site.

    The Top 5 Biggest Micro or Mini Job Sites Trust Agriya's FP Platform

    In the most recent industry survey (Aug 2011) of the top Fiverr clones* /Gigbucks clones, using various metrics such as Alexa Traffic Rank, Compete Rank, Social Bookmarks, Facebook Likes, Backlinks and Pagerank, it turns out that the Top 5 Micro or Mini job sites all used Agriya's FP Platform to run their Fiverr or Gigbucks clone sites. This isn't a one off either, every month for the past 12 months the survey has been conducted and websites using Agriya's software have dominated the rankings. Even if you look at the top 15 micro or mini jobs website, FP Platform is trusted by 11 sites and the other 4 sites all have expensive custom solutions.

    What does this mean for you?

    It means that Agriya's software just works out of the box. No playing around with server settings, no setup headaches, no bugs to deal with, no back and forth to the support desk, no tweaking to make it work; You can be up and running within minutes of your invoice being approved.

    Being one of the biggest micro or mini job websites doesn't happen by chance or by luck. You need to have a rock solid platform that is dependable, secure, scalable and backed up with top of the line support. All of this and more comes as standard when you buy from Agriya and you can complete faith in Agriya to take care of your website while you focus building your business.

    Case Study One: $60,000 Profit In 5 Months

    One of Agriya's clients purchased the FP Platform in May 2010. They customized the software and put a lot of time, effort and money in to promoting the site. They spent several thousand dollars on an AdWords campaign targeting various niche keywords related to services provided on their site. Within 5 months they had built up a large userbase that was loyal and kept posting new services and people were buying them.

    Within several months of launching the owner was already selling over $5,000 worth of services per month and at that point they decided to list the site for sale on Flippa, a marketplace for people to buy and sell websites. The established brand name and effort the owners put in to market the website coupled with Agriya's reputation of building solid, dependable websites attracted many serious buyers.

    Zeerk sold on the Flippa marketplace for $60,000

    The auction ended on the 5th November with a final selling price of $60,000. That's not a typo, within just a few months the owners of Zeerk.com made over 1000% return on their investment by choosing Agriya's FP Platform.

    Case Study Two: Entrepreneurial Awards & Venture Capital Investment

    When you are an aspiring entreprenuer and looking to get vital venture capital funding to grow your micro or mini job website business you need to have trust and confidence in your website that it's going to perform when you showcase it to people who could potentially give you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in sought after funding. Recently, two of Agriya's customers who chose the FP Platform have won national and web awards which pushes them to the next round to pitch their business to venture capitalists.

     Cinkue won the best startup 2010 award in Italy and was featured in the national media

    The first site is called Cinkue a fiverr clone website caters to the Italian market. It won the Italian Startup 2010 competition and enabled them to pitch their ideas to venture capitalists, not to mention it got them an incredible amount of exposure in the media, they were even interviewed by an Italian news network. The second site is based in Spain and is called MyntMarket a Fiverr/Gigbucks clone website. Just like the Cinkue clients they invested time and money in to creating a fantastic new design before putting themselves forward for various web awards. The Spanish version of ReadWriteWeb, one of the biggest web industry news sites, chose MyntMarket a fiverr clone website out of over 100 other sites to go forward and make a venture capital pitch.

    MyntMarket was nominated by Spanish magazine ReadWriteWeb to pitch for venture capital funding

    Even though FP Platform a Gigbucks/Fiverr clone script has been developed in English it still contains complete flexibility to translate in to any language you want. Infact we have many clients who run Chinese and Japanese versions with the unique characters they use and Arabic and Hebrew language sites with their unique right to left way of writing.

    The Five Bucks Question

    What would you do for five bucks? That's the question asked by the massively popular Fiverr website. As people have been searching for a new way to earn a bit of cash on the side, websites like Fiverr have grown in popularity and people are actively seeking out the best fiverr/gigbucks clone script.

    You can create your own micro/mini jobs site where anyone can post a job they'll do, all the payments are automated, you can manage your members and money easily from the backend, you can feature jobs that you choose, put advertising on the site, basically everything that the Fiverr website already does and a whole lot more!

    Agriya have already created and deployed dozens of mini/micro jobs sites for customers in many different countries - and thanks to the flexibility of our scripts they can easily be translated in to multiple languages. Below are just a couple of examples of some great sites using our Gigbucks clone software...

    1. [image:img-1]


    We understand that each business might have specific needs so our Fiverr/Gigbucks clone has been built as the initial framework around which you can customize the design, add custom features or we can integrate your existing design for you. Whether you want new payment systems integrated, a different payment setup (ie. a subscription model) or something else, Agriya can work with you to make your fixed price jobs site or micro/mini job site completely unique to your requirements.

    Hosting Requirements

    Agriya does not recommend that you choose a shared hosting account for this script due to the large amount of server resources required as your site gets more popular. Many hosting companies will carefully monitor how much resources your site is taking up and without warning can shut down your account. Agriya can provide no support for customers who choose GoDaddy hosting as their hosting service is incompatible with Agriya's software. We recommend that you choose a VPS, dedicated server or opt for cloud based hosting. Agriya can recommend several solutions.

    FP Platform has been shown to work best on a server using the cPanel software. While we have been able to get the software working on servers running Plesk, we have encountered numerous problems with the Plesk software, with issues ranging from non-standard server paths to obscure file ownership problems. FP Platform requires a number of different cron jobs to be setup in order to maintain your site and handle administrative functions like the PayPal Mass Pay. As your site gets more popular the time taken to run these cron files increases, which increases the amount of server resources required. In our 11 years of experience, we have found that cPanel servers are far superior at handling cron jobs than Plesk servers.

    Script Requirements

    FP Platform is built on the CakePHP 1.3 framework and needs PHP 5 and mySQL 5 installed on the server. The script is also compatible with the latest version of PHP 5.3+

    Payment Gateways

    By default FP Platform uses the PayPal payment gateway. You must have a Premier or Business account to use the software. If you choose FP Platform Ultra then you will need to apply for the Website Payments Pro service which isn't available in all countries. PayPal will also do a credit check and look at the past history of your account before deciding to give you access to Website Payments Pro.

    To request a private demo of our software, fill out the form below, use the Live Sales icons at the top and bottom of this website.

    Fiverr Clone Enquiries

    verification code

    About Agriya

    In the 11 years that Agriya has been operating as a web development company it has built an enormous number of websites. In recent years the company’s focus has been the creation of advanced, stable clone scripts. These clone scripts, such as the elance clone, etsy clone and flippa clone scripts. The stability and scalability of these scripts is unmatched and many Agriya clients have seen considerable success using these scripts and others, including the groupon clone script and the kickstarter clone script.

    Legal Information

    Please note that the use of the phrase "fiverr clone, Gigbucks clone" is for marketing purposes only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a website similar to another site. Agriya certifies that the entire code and design has been completely developed and built by our own team of developers. No code, design or graphics has been used from the Fiverr/Gigbucks website. Agriya's software enables you to run a micro/mini jobs website which is similar to Fiverr / Gigbucks.

    * Industry survey conducted by fixed price jobs news site, Fiverrway.