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  • What is Getlancer?

    It’s more common that, some people like to be their own boss and some are caught in the tornado of unemployment. To earn and succeed in this competitive world with a crucial unemployment scenario, Getlancer assist you to extract the maximum benefit from freelancer marketplace. Getlancer is an excellent product been formulated by combining best features from several successful freelancing websites like Freelancer, Odesk, Elance, Guru and Peopleperhour etc.

  • How it works

    Getlancer is a comprehensive freelancer clone script, which smartly connects the freelancer and the employers to accomplish their requirements effectively. Employer who in need of getting their work to be completed through external source can post it in the getlancer. So the project will get displayed for the freelancer’s view. Then from the freelancer’s community, whoever thinks that, they can fulfill the specified requirements can bid the projects along with the quote. Finally, employer will review all the bids been submitted and select a freelancer to accomplish their task. Once the project gets completed, the specified amount will be transferred to the selected freelancer’s account.

  • Why we developed Freelancer clone

    Agriya always strive for innovative ideas and effectively grab the success out of it. By thoroughly determining the excellent market scope and the beneficial aspect of freelancing industry, Agriya has formulated an exceptional freelancer marketplace product called Getlancer. This script extracts the profitable essence of this industry and delivers the best results to you.

  • Need of Freelancer Clone Script in Global Market

    These days, employers have a lot of work to be completed in a short span of time. They might consider outsourcing their projects to some expertise companies. They might not get affordable solutions from these companies. Moreover, we can’t find all talented peoples in same place. To achieve their work at affordable price they use freelancing websites.  On the other hand, freelancers like to get a regular volume of work and confirmed recurring payments. They prefer freelancing website to get various projects around the world.    So by fusing this crucial need of two diversified communities, thereby we developed a timely effective freelancer product called Getlancer.

  • Success Trends of Freelancer Websites in Global Market

    With the recent stats about the freelancers market trend stated that, collectively 57% of the major jobs been compiled by freelancing throughout the world rather than a traditional methodology getting the jobs to be done. And 79% of the overall projects are accomplished successfully.

    If we have a region wise look-up, in UK 15.6 million are getting self employed, means under freelancing community. From US it comes around 14.9 million are freelancers and so on.

    And from the socio-economic perspective, Freelancing constitutes 49.1% in reducing the unemployment rate. This plays most crucial role for the regional economic growth and in turn it gets positively influenced.

    So by collectively, Freelancing is not only a booming trend but also a successful profit making marketplace for the entrepreneurs who runs a freelancing clone website.

    So we at Agriya developed freelance software which is capable of launching many freelancer clone websites; we call as “Getlancer”.

  • How to Earn Revenue Using Freelancer Clone

    Freelancer Elance Clone Revenue Models
  • Project Listing Fee

    Once the project gets posted for bidding on this Freelancer clone, then the admin approves the project and collects a dedicated fee amount. This fee is considered as a project listing fees.

  • Urgent Listing

    Sometimes project holder may want to complete a project urgently. To do so, he should pay urgent listing fee to the admin. Once the webmaster gets the fees, he lists them in the urgent section of his Freelancer clone website. Many freelancers can view the urgent listing and bid for the project.

  • Featured Listing

    Projects getting bided only by increasing the freelancer’s visibility towards the same. So it is always matters to make a project with high visibility than by listing it along with the other project. So to increase the visibility of project, project holder has to pay a fee to admin to display their project in front of other projects in your freelancer clone website.

  • Job Listing Fee

    Here there is an option to post the project as a job. So the employers can declare their projects as a job and utilize this exclusive freelancer clone as a classifieds website thereby they can promote them as advertisement campaigns.

  • Advertisement Captcha - Solve Media

    We have intelligently included this captcha system in registration form. A user who has to register will enter the captcha and thus we will earn revenue from it. And it is proud to say, Agriya has launched the first ever revenue generating captcha system in clone script markets.

  • Employer’s commission

    This is an exclusive option, where admin can yield abundant monetary benefit. Admin will receive particular percentage of commission once the employer selects the freelancer for his projects.

  • Freelancer’s Commission

    It’s an intellectual revenue option whereby admin can experience indefinite range of income benefits. This freelancer commission will be received at the time of freelancer accepting a project for development.   

  • Business Verticals of our Freelancer Clone

    Using this exceptional freelancer clone script, you can make it fit for the following business verticals.

    Freelancer Elance Clone Vertical List
  • Above given are the most significant business verticals where this freelancing software can be applied for. Besides that, numerous successful business verticals are there in the real time business strategy.

  • Highlighting Features

    This Freelancer clone script is not only combined with the revenue options, but also intellectually optimized with several beneficial features. The features are as follows.

    Freelancer Elance Clone Features List

  • Check here to know more about the features of Freelancer clone
  • Features beyond originals

    Its common that, every successful website has some unique features and options to make their users to feel more effective. But at the same time, it’s highly difficult to have a product with all the beneficial features. By smartly meeting the above quoted need, We have intellectually integrated the best features from several successful freelancing websites like Freelancer, Odesk, Elance, Guru, and Peopleperhour etc. So you can call this exclusive script as Freelancer clone, Odesk clone, Elance clone, Guru clone and Peopleperhour clone etc. And you couldn’t find anywhere the script with this much of exclusive benefits and featured options.

  • Technologies used

    We used the combination of following technologies,

    Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

    In addition to that, we have specially developed using Bootstrap design for its reliable and crisp design framework. By using Bootstrap now the website will fit to any screen resolution and devices like Desktop, Mobile phones, Tablets etc. Moreover we fused responsive design layout for effective outlook.

  • Server Requirements

    PHP version – should be 5.2.7 and above (preferably 5.4.17)

    MYSQL: should be 5.x and above

    Apache: preferably to be 1+

    Ngnix : 1.5.2

    PHP ion cube loader

  • You can get to know more information about the server requirements here

  • Check here to see the list of recommended hosting provider for this Freelancer clone script

  • Support

    Agriya offers an excellent support to our clients’ base which is ultimately beyond their expectation. We deliver our product with three months period of free support and update for one year from the date of purchase.

  • Agriya possess an expertise support team, which handles your submitted queries and issues and update you within 24 - 48 hours of time period by means of effective ticketing system.

  • In case of software installation, we consume 2 working days (48 hours) as an installation time frame.

  • Why Agriya?

    Agriya is a web development, mobile app development and clone script company which has 14 years of experience in keeping its customer happy. We have a determination to serve them in multiple ways. We discover the latest trends, technologies favorable for them and release them as upgrades. Combining with this, we offer friendly support and a dynamic customization team which provide extraordinary service across the globe.