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  • Website concept helps you to make refreshing and discounted online sales in Kids, Home, men and Women and all other possible categories every day, PrivateShop is now launched in the luxury flash sale platform and is motivated by the Product variance features for adding different attributes for the same single product like - Color, size , Quantity, prize and much more… for making online-shopping a place for the buyers to enjoy.

Things you should know about PrivateShop

By looking into the latest trend in today's market, we can discover that people are bored of fetching different products from different stores with hard searching techniques, what happens here is that the customers who visits your site may not end up buying goods/products from your site, this reduces your conversion rates considerably.

Product variance module strategy

Your shopping is now a click away!!. For your everyday-shopping Agriya has now designed “PrivateShop” for easy product-selection and simplified payment solutions, Agriya has prepared a list of the most useful shortcuts(Variants) for your favorite web transactions, where your shopping will be as Pleasant as driving in a garden. So, if you need a quick reference as to which shortcut turns on your sale and on what Parameters, this is the place where you can find it. Enjoy!

The Product variance module allows you to add product variations; It helps in adding all the Micro-details about the products(e.g. colour and size) and when you save the product, it will automatically creates all the combinations (e.g. red S, red M, red L, blue S, blue M, —— also Quantity, prize and much more……) for the product. Which makes it easier for the buyer to find his product with just a click, And he/she can end-up finishing the shopping within 2 to 3 seconds!!!!!!

The PrivateShop Apt - Designed to fit any ecommerce platform.

PrivateShop's flash sale is the advanced business-model!!!; By taking advantage of an extremely hot and highly unstoppable & favorable atmosphere it strikes discount-overflows in the current-day's Global e-trading segment. As the truth reveals that the fact of Flash Sales has become recommendable for both buyers and sellers as the easiest method to strike mutual bonus. So what are flash sales? Frankly put, flash sales are a high-discounts-limited-time offer. The system is an essential income provider for both the buyer and the seller —— With PrivateShop you will be able to run sites like Gilt, fashionandyou, flipkart, ShoeDazzle, iDeeli, Rue la la and Drjays.

Amplified profitability

Since the Privateshop helps customers to find all their stuffs at one place, you can find different people for different needs to look into your websites. which in the background will help you reap huge turn-overs, Not convinced have a look at our feature and benefit statements,

Benefit statements :

Recent reviews on Online shopping

Recent survey conducted, proved that more than 80% of the people are fiercely opting for the online shopping than the Retail-outlet shoppings, when the situation was reviewed deep-down to find the probable reasons, the findings for the majority shoppers to opt for online stores were these,

  • Increased Product selection/reviews,
  • Lowest base price on products,
  • Reduced shipping/Delivery charges.
  • Security for transactions,
  • Easy order cancellation or refunds.

In the recent days one of the flash sale giants in the ecommerce market have a speculated valuation of $1 billion and has 3.5 million members and has raised a total of $174 million to date.

Sell everything and anything

At Privateshop you can sell both tangible and Intangible products, It's pretty much an A-Z shop where you can sell anything and everything you can. here you can add as many categories as you wish to list your products appropriately.

  1. Tangible products : Physical products like T-shirts, pants, furnitures, jewelery, appliances and all those things which can be shipped.
  2. Intangible products : Digital products which are downloadable, like MP3 songs or other software installations.

Flash sales has arranged handpicked discounts for its customers to avail in their product purchases. PrivateShop is a customized and dedicated website providing its customers with an access for guaranteed discounts and happy-rate deduction on brand products for everyday 'online shopping'.

Dual template

The default design for PrivateShop is clean and modern, and will also enable you to set your website apart from the crowd these two jaw droppingly beautiful templates are for PrivateShop's default designs. These templates are available along with the script and we can guarantee you'll be thrilled with the results!.

PrivateShop provides two options(by default) when it comes to the theme selections, here the website owner can select the theme which he likes and this is the theme that will appear at the user end when ever he/she enters the site. Later you can upload as many themes as you wish to the site to have it as your option while selecting the themes for activating it.

Bring around “Everyday-Genuine” Customers

Seeing the light through the “Everyday-Genuine” customers has been the new “jingle-melody” for all the online discount stores, why should we have “Genuine” customers? well by doing this we will be letting the customers to do the next-big transaction which is larger than the transaction before. And also this will increase the site's conversion rates exponentially!!!

PrivateShop has made it as simple as possible to increase the 'Everyday' customer's experience by focusing on providing users with products that are well designed and stimulating, rather than merchandising overpriced but not-so-worthy Products.

PrivateShop, by doing “intense research” on these customary facts is going to make a shopping experience more similar to looking and scrolling through a daily-gazette rather than an old ecommerce solution.

Feature statements :

Agriya has always focused on building effective, strategic and User-friendly websites, and PrivateShopping is one more product, with all the best end-end User-friendly site features, take a look at the details below,

  • Variants


    The Variants feature has enabled the sellers to add more parameters into the products.

  • Orders


    Easy techniques to track the orders which you have placed, until it reaches your place.

  • Product View

    Product View

    You can have an full-fledged product view, at one glance and make your choices swiftly and quickly.

  • Settings


    Settings lets you to configure and manage all your website settings, to suit your periodical needs at anytime.

  • Dashboard


    Gives an Overview of your site's overall transactions, all the values will be graphically depicted here.

  • Payments


    Private shop's secured payment solutions enables Users to enjoy conflict-free transactions.

PrivateShop s functioning and dividends

PrivateShop can function as you want it to, since it fits to any ecommerce platform you can expect to run your website flexibly; here you can let the sellers to list both digital and physical products/apparels; and PrivateShop's category management feature will let these products to get listed under their unique categories along with their important and key sub-features(like color, size, price, quantity and much more..), and the customer will come along to avail happy discounts on all the listed products; PrivateShop's inbuilt Customer relationship management feature will let the customers to do all their online shopping and payments safely and securely without any phishing.

PrivateShop's multi-platform objectives will help the sellers to list their entire stock; No matter if it is a tangible or intangible product/apparel, and in the background you will be earning the money as listing fee for listing all these products and also earn commissions on per-transaction basis for all the transaction happening on your website.

Other outside benefits

Apart from the product-range benefits, Agriya has always raised it's bar by comforting it's customers by including various other benefits for the product purchasers, look for the details below,

  • Translations - Agriya as always included the beneficial and User-friendly third party API's to add comfortability for the site Users, and translation integrations is one such huge step towards it, where you can translate it to your best understanble language.
  • Customizations - The PrivateShop software uses the CakePHP 2.0 framework which has an MVC architecture to separate design, language and code. This makes it much easier for an experienced web developer to integrate a unique design in to the script and make changes to the core which means that your website doesn't have to look like yet another Groupon clone but can really stand out from the crowd.
  • Support - It's one of our main features, where we have been on our top notch, in terms of providing after-sales support to our customers.