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    Agriya was very helpful and very professional! Communication through the project was excellent and I never once had a doubt about their services. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional company and who needs a professional polished project done. They even called me at my office to verify some details I requested in my project. I have never had anyone on the internet do this. I no longer need to find a great IT company as I have one now :) Excel32wh Fiverr clone, Excel32wh

  • SFPlatform – Run Your Successful Fundraising Software

    SFPlatform - A leading Fundraising software, Crowdfunding platform and a cutting edge Kickstarter clone script

    SFPlatform is an exclusive fundraising software , whereby innovative ideas and logics gets evolved as a successful projects by getting fund from the people, who are willing to contribute their efforts in terms of monetary aspects.

    In recent days, fundraising software industry is one of the booming concepts among the successful strategy evolved in the competitive market scenario. Now get a walk through among some proven stats about this outstanding crowdfunding platform.

    In a recent survey on crowdfunding platform stated that, this industry raised around 2.7billion in the year of 2012 and it is expected to increase up to 5.1billion in the year 2013.

    A famous crowdfunding platform, Gogetfunding stated that fundraising software industry has an exponential growth every year due to cutting-edge Kickstarter clone scripts like SFPlatform.

  • Crowdfunding platform-Working Mechanism

    Fundraising software begins with the user become a member of the crowdfunding platform through registration process. Then at the time of posting a project, project holder has to list the project for the backers view, and then it will be displayed in the project view page and gets listed under appropriate project categories.

    Then with the help of this fundraising script, the project can pledged with the backers and gets funded. Once it is funded, the project owner can either get the funded amount or they can retain the project for overfunding.

    Crowdfunding platform is completely designed in such a way to assist admin effectively through by various beneficial features in admin interface. Let’s explore some of the beneficial features of the Fundraising script as follows.

  • Features of our Kickstarter Clone / CrowdFunding Platform.

    Our Team has analyzed several popular fundraising software, scripts, platforms and websites and have gained a thorough understanding of the crowdfunding ecosystem, and have added all the necessary features needed for launching a successful Kickstarter Clone / Indiegogo Clone website.

  • Advanced admin Interface - Monitor your kickstarter clone script performance lively

    Through this unique feature, Admin can easily track the fundraising software’s performance and the updates frequently. It includes registered users, external logins, status of the projects listed and its funding status etc.

  • Reward System: Extra Boost – ups for the backers of eminent Crowdfunding script

    Crowdfunding script is enabled with exclusive reward system, whereby project holder can offer some complimentary (may be of money or a copy of the projects) benefits to the backers. This mainly motivates the backers to encourage the projects and in turn makes the projects get funded quickly.

  • Ideas System: Innovative Trait of Popular Crowdfunding Script

    By enabling this idea option in the crowdfunding script, initially all the project will be considered as an idea. Based on votes, it will be moved as project by admin. So which makes the site to display the qualified projects forever thereby your crowdfunding site will get more reputation among the competitors site due to the ultimate standardization.

  • Geo Targeting – List your own regional projects from the Intellectual Fundraising software

    One of the unique and effective features about the Crowdfunding platform is that shows the project corresponds to the local area where the fundraising script gets hosted. So it greatly assists people to identify and get to know the project happens around their native region and make them to fund easily.
    And for every business strategy, there must have a definite revenue option to succeed in the competitive market scenario. And now we are going to fly across some of the unique revenue models of this exclusive fundraising software.

  • PayPal Adaptive – Make Hassle Free Transaction with the Kickstarter clone script

    All the payment transactions will be automated. Once the backer remits the amount towards the project, site commission, PayPal commission and the funded amount will get distributed automatically. With the help of this payment option, both the admin and the user’s community get benefitted. Admin can have a effortless transaction for every project pledging and at the same time user would ensure that, Since it is fully automated, so amount will not be blocked on anywhere in the process-flow.

  • Social network connectivity-Get an instant touch with your Crowdfunding platform

    Crowdfunding platform provides an effective way to log in using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. The advantage of this feature is, the user doesn’t have to go through a registration process. With one click log in user feels comfortable and is motivated to visit the site again.

  • Affiliate Management – One of the most required features in fundraising software

    Kickstarter clone script comes with an affiliate management feature, so whenever a third party webmasters registers as an affiliate, their websites will act as an advertising platform for your fundraising software and thereby increase the visibility of your websites.

  • Revenue Models – Channels to step in the Monetary Surprise of Crowdfunding Platform

    Registration Fee

    Transition phase of User to Member of the Fundraising software. Once the user landed and wants to become a member of the Crowdfunding script, He has to pay the membership fee. This option can be enabled from the admin interface and they can set the amount to be incurred during the registration too.

  • Project Listing Fee

    Gateway payment to List your projects in the Kickstarter clone script. For every project to be listed in the site for further funding, Project owner has to pay certain amount called project listing fee. This can also enabled from the admin end and they can set the amount depends upon their own choice.

  • Pledging commission

    Additional Surprise with Fundraising Software. Admin can set up commission for each pledge. Webmaster can earn a certain amount of commission from every pledge made in the project. This gives an additional way to earn revenue from your fundraising software.

  • Demo and Pricing

    We recommend you to use the Kickstarter clone script demo to the core and check the functionality of each and every feature and fill in the enquiry form below for your further clarification about an excellent fundraising software.

  • About Agriya

    If you are looking for more clone scripts then Agriya is the company you have been looking for. With over 14+ years of experience developing cutting edge websites and having our work featured on great sites like New York Times, Washington Post, BBC and TechCrunch we know what it takes to build great software. Some of our most successful products at the moment include our clubplanet clone, elance clone, fiverr clone and the current best selling groupon clone and airbnb clone script.

  • Legal Information

    We use the term “Fundraising software and Kickstarter clone script” for making you aware that this concept is already present in the online market and we have built a similar approach to that website. We use the term for making people aware of our product. Each line of code, each pixel of web designs in this Kickstarter clone script is specially developed in Agriya Labs. Our product, “SFPlatform” enables you to run a successful crowdfunding platform.