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    I cannot put into words how great these guys are, its amazing from the communication to the final product. Will def be using them again, and you would really be making a mistake if you select anyone else!

    - Moby Groupon clone, Moby
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    Agriya did a great job on my complex project. I'm very happy with how professional this company is. The project is done in time and its working perfectly!! Highly recommend!!

    - koenders Web development, koenders

Any website that needs to have content dynamically updated requires a content management system. Most small business sites require a basic content management system while large corporations may require something more robust and flexible. Agriya has been developing content management systems for the last 10 years and have extensive experience building a wide range of systems from the very simple to the very complex.

We work with you to understand the kind of system that would be suitable for your requirements, whilst also taking in to account future needs - we don't recommend a complete enterprise deployment CMS when a basic page management system will do!

Content Management Systems come with a wide range of features and there is no definitive list, but some of the more popular features include:

  • Ability to add, edit and delete the content
  • Ability to have user access who have different levels of functions
  • Role managers to ensure content only goes live when it is approved
  • Content review
  • Content roleback and history so you can see who made what changes and when
  • Ability to password protect various content so only authorized people can view it
  • Ability to create new template layouts for different page requirements

Contact Agriya today to find out how we can help you develop a content management system that suits your business needs or even work with you to provide support and modifications to your existing corporate content management system