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Who is LAMPC?

LAMPC is the user name for Agriya on various freelancing sites like Scriptlance. We chose this name many, many years ago because it symbolized what we do. In the web development world "LAMP" is an acronym for Linux, Apache, mySQL and PHP. You can tell how old this LAMPC username is because we added the 'C' which stood for CGI, which was a popular programming language way back in the day. You might also have been talking to our CTO on scriptlance, his name is Aravind Kumar and regularly pitches in, because believe it or not, Scriptlance can be addictive for service providers and it enables him to keep a track of the current trends within the web development industry.

If you have arrived at this page by searching for LAMPC because you have seen us on Scriptlance or another freelancing website, then let us tell you a little bit more about us.

Agriya has excellent reviews on Scriptlance

Just take a look at the screenshot below to see just how many excellent reviews we've had. This kind of commitment to quality and client satisfaction is not common in the web development outsourcing world, but it's something we at LAMPC work hard at to ensure every one of our customers is completely delighted with the service that they receive. All the customer reviews that we've received on Scriptlance are 100% independent, honest and unbiased reviews - they can only be made by clients who are completely satisfied with the services we provide. If you compare our reviews to other Scriptlance providers you'll discover they haven't done quite as well as we have!

We don't promise anything we can't deliver, so clients are always aware of what they are getting from us. Other service providers might bid very cheaply just to win the project, but in our experience this is when web development can go wrong because they have underestimated the size of the project.

We're one of the top programmers on Scriptlance

Scriptlance has thousands of programmers and service providers, so what does it take to become the 2nd best provider on Scriptlance? Dedication, quality and communication! Unlike many other service providers LAMPC are very careful and fussy about which projects we choose to bid on, some providers are so desperate they bid on every project without taking the time to understand it first. If we have bid on your project then it's because we think we can do an awesome job! If we haven't placed a bid on your project then feel free to send us an invite and we'll review your requirements and put in a competitive bid.

What are people saying about LAMPC?

Obviously the best way to judge how effective we are as a company is to see what other people are saying about us and with over 650 glowing reviews you can be sure that LAMPC know what they are doing. Here's just a selection of some of the great Agriya reviews we've had recently on Scriptlance.

Rating Review Date
10/10 It has been a pleasure working with Agriya. Highly recommended. True to their rating, was awesome in finishing the work on time. This gem of a web development team can implement any project. Excellent Communication. Perfect Support. Fast and Reliable. Thank you 2/11/2010
10/10 Lampc is by far the best graphic and development company on Scriptlance, they are absolutely brilliant. They never gave up on my version and was always willing to make changes continuously until I got what I wanted. Will give them a A++++++, great work guys :) 2/10/2010
10/10 Rare do you find such professionals in this day and age. With Agriya I didn't have to do the typical running around looking to find them online, trying to extract updates etc. For me, being professional and timely with your client is equally important to the quality of the work. If not more important. Agriya has both. The professionalism that dovetails with their impeccable quality of work is what guarantees them many more jobs from me in the future. 1/29/2010
10/10 We needed a big Content Management System and we were looking for a highly skilled TEAM of developers, (not just a single freelancer) that could assure us of the quality of the project. We were so lucky to meet Mr Aravind and the rest of Agriya team. This web development team can implement any project, with TOP quality, great communication through the development proccess and just great pricing. Agriya = 10/10 for us. or maybe 100/10 10/25/2009
10/10 This was my first time using a developer to create a website and I am thrilled with the end result. This programmer did an excellent job of creating exactly what I wanted; I plan on using them for my future projects. If youre looking for a professional programmer that will meet or exceed your expectations then this is the programmer for you. 11/18/2009


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    They have good work ethic. The team works hard , fast , and listen closely to what the customer is REALLY looking for! They did better than I was expected . The project was not an easy one eitherI admire their skills in design and programmation, and organisation is their key. The things I asked for on my website were complex , and the team had no problem doing them efficiently .As soon as I have another project going on ,in next months, I'm calling them back !My rating : 15 out of 10SosEbooks

    - sosebooks e-commerce, sosebooks
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    These guys have one of the best CRM solution, I have tried several open source products and nothing can come close to what these guys, these guys rock.

    - ksuizzo CRM, ksuizzo