Want to join our affiliate network?

Do the sign- up, post ads on your website, bring us the right traffic, and sales to earn a 10% commission.

Highlights of agriya’s Affiliate network

  • affiliate-reward

    Receive $ 10 as reward points by signing up to our Affiliate Program

  • affiliate-ads

    Easy ad creation

  • affiliate-performance

    Simple leads to track your performance

  • affiliate-sale

    Gain 10% commission on every qualified sale

How does it work?

  • affiliate-signup

    Sign up to Agriya’s Affiliate Network

  • affworks-ads

    Post our ads and links on your website

  • affworks-users

    Users click on the ads

  • affworks-buys

    User buys our products

  • affworks-commission

    You gain a 10% commission

Frequently asked Questions

  • What kind of affiliate model does this program follow?

    This affiliate program follows the Pay per Sale model. You receive commissions in accord with every qualified product sale happens from your referral.

  • Can I participate if I have a website outside the United States?

    Yes, you can join our affiliate program from any corner of the world.

  • What rewards will I receive at the time of joining your affiliate program?

    You will get $10 (USD) as a monetary reward at the time of joining our affiliate program.

  • How to join Agriya’s affiliate program?

    You can join our affiliate program by completing a simple sign up process. After that, we will review your website and make sure that it meets the eligibility standards of our affiliate program.

  • What is the eligibility criterion for joining Agriya’s Affiliate program?

    In order to join Agriya’s affiliate program, you will have to meet the following criterion:

    • Minimum site traffic: 10,000 users per month.
    • The website must contain original contents.
    • The website should not promote sex, violence or discrimination to any religion, gender, nationality and disabilities.
    • The website should follow white hat online marketing strategies.

  • How do we pay your commissions?

    You can choose either bank wire or PayPal to receive the commission you have earned from our affiliate program.

  • How much commission do I get for each converting leads from my website?

    You will get 10% of commission for every sale from your website.

  • What is the minimum balance for claiming payouts?

    You can claim all the payout when your account gains a minimum of $100.

  • When will I get the payment?

    You will receive commissions gained in the current month at the beginning of the following month only. You can claim the payout only once in a month.

  • How my commissions gets reversed?

    We reverse the commission when users cancel the order. Commission reversing happens in cases like fraudulent transactions, improper payments, duplicate orders and violation of terms and conditions.

  • Why my account exhibits a ban?

    Your account gets banned when you violate the terms and conditions.

  • How can I contact Agriya?

    Visit our contact us page and post your queries there. We will get back to you at the earliest.

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