The global food industry is at its best as for now, the figures and stats reflect the same as well. The rapid growth in the rate of population and scarcity of resources has elevated the demand. To meet these new-day demands,  businesses are pushing their limits and practicing novel strategies which are aligned with modern technological advancements. Online food ordering and the delivery concept is such of a kind. It boosts up the convenience and flexibility factor, it facilitates the end-user operations and gives them freedom and access to their favorite foods and places at any time. As being introduced with a user perspective in mind, food ordering and delivery has acquired great credibility and is being accepted widely by the masses today. This has created unique, distinct possibilities for businesses to flourish.

Rising Global Food Market- Figures and Statistics

The total value of food exported to other countries is $13,51 billion whereas the total value of the whole industry is $8 trillion. This shows how huge the industry we are dealing with. In 2017 alone Americans has consumed foods worth $20,68 billion. Parallely, the sales in the US has exceeded $718 billion as well.

Since the food ordering and delivery has emerged to an individual, distinct market, the growth in this food delivery market has a direct impact on the food industry. Now, the global food ordering and delivery market account for a total of $83 billion and this is predicted to grow rapidly at a rate of 3.5 % for the next five years.

Choosing a business model for your Brand New Food Ordering Business

Many of the entrepreneurs believe in developing a solid and excelling platform. But, unfortunately, most of them ignore the importance of a business model. An incredible application is not sufficient to succeed in business. Designing an efficient business model is as important as designing the product. Below list out certain factors, which you must consider while establishing a business model for your next business venture.

  • Define the value of your business in the targeted segment
  • Make sure that your business solves the challenge
  • Test your channel and support strategy
  • Keep contact with industry experts and investors
  • Customer references have great importance, ask customers for it
  • Focus on national trade shows and industry association groups

However, there are several other factors that you should consider while building an impeccable business model. Market potential, value proposition, distribution mediums etc should be considered as well.

Decide on the Right Business Model to Build Success and Growth

We provide a complete list of all possible business models, which are ideal for a food ordering business to implement. Choose the right one by considering your requirements, goals, resources and more.

Deliver the Ingredients and Recipe at the Doorstep

This is meant for customers who prefer freshly made meals. Some people consider pre-cooked food unhygienic and unsafe, so for these kinds of customers, you should come up with a different idea of serving them with the right recipes and ingredients. Renowned business such as Blue Apron,  Hello Fresh, and Plated use this business model. The customer can choose from the meals for the week and all the ingredients and the recipe for your favorite meals will be delivered to your doorstep.  If you are targeting a specific community those prefer homemade meals, then this is the right place for you to begin.

Outsourced Food Delivery Services

This is one of the most familiar and successful business models we have seen recently. You can undertake delivery operations from other local restaurants. This is very helpful for many local businesses to get a better online exposure and to attract more customers. Here, in this kind of model, the restaurant pays a particular amount of money as commission to the owner of the online platform. Known industry leaders like Foodpanda, Swiggy etc follow this approach and guess what! They have made a fortune out of it. In this type of business model, customers are provided with abundant choices of restaurants as well as meals to choose from. They can seamlessly order their favorites via the application.

Prepared Food Delivery Services

This specific business model focus on delivering healthy and safe food at best prices. However, the main focus is to provide hot, freshly prepared food at your doorstep. This is perfect for those who admire freshly prepared food and obviously a quick delivery of same.  This model can be reformed to deliver subscription-based delivery services, where customers can obtain food on a weekly subscription basis. This type of business approach is ideal for a food startup, both the kitchen service and delivery has to be managed by the same party.

Specialized Food Delivery Practices

Specialized delivery services serve their customer’s appetite needs to its fullest. They deliver exactly what the customer want. It can be a high protein diet, low-fat diet, low-carb diet, immune system boosting diet, and so much more. However, this can’t be implemented by an in-house delivery business but by a food startup alone. Purple Carrot and Green Blender are the perfect examples of this kind of business strategy.

Food Delivery Services at the Offices

We, humans, spend a major portion of our life at work. We might find it hectic at times, we may find it difficult to pull ourselves together. During these busy working hours, we have to take care of our professional duties as well as personal needs. So, in order to serve the appetite of the working class and to make them happy, introduced this food delivery at offices. Moreover, it can be implemented as a subscription-based service. Employees can order their favorite meals via the mobile application.

Delivery from Local Chefs

This provides opportunities for users to taste a diverse range of recipes from chefs around the corner. In this specific kind of model, a food startup or a delivery business can partner with local chefs to deliver unique and best recipes to the users. The best examples of implementing this business model are Lish and Chef by Request.

Late Night Food Delivery Services

Earlier, before the emergence of online food ordering and delivery platforms and apps, it was hardly possible to find a restaurant or motel during the night. Now, the things have changed. Today, we have several many restaurants and food stalls and we can find food easier than ever before. Night food delivery services are the kind of business model, which focus on employees who work night jobs especially. Zomato is the best-known example of this business model.

Online Grocery Delivery

This deals with delivering groceries on user’s request. This can even be started at local community level. Users can choose and order the groceries, it will be delivered to their doorstep within no time. The feature to remember the list or add to the cart can be included in this model. Central Coop, Amazon Fresh, and Safeway Grocery Delivery are the known names that follow this kind of business model.

Reserve Table in advance

This seems totally different to online food ordering and delivery services. But still, it is somewhat connected with it. An online table booking system allows users to book their table in advance. This is for people who love to eat outside but don’t want to wait in the queue. Open table is the right example of this kind.

Online Bakery Food Delivery Services

There already are many food delivery services but we can hardly find any bakery delivery services. Businesses who incorporated this business model target those who prefer fresh products like bread, cakes, pastries and so on. This can be a promising business possibility if you could connect with the right people. Cupcake Royale and Panera Bread have successfully implemented this business  model.

Set Foot in Global Food Industry by Utilizing the Excelling Online Food Ordering Platform from Agriya

Business models are super important and you should certainly need one to succeed in business. But, what is more important is a software platform, for it is the first thing that interacts with your customers. It decides the customer behavior, it has an influence on their decision making as well. However, to help businesses to develop an efficient delivery platform, Agriya introduces an incredible online food ordering software. A complete Just eat clone adequate for entry-level businesses to easily set up an online food ordering platform. It encompasses a multitude of attributes, which in turn help businesses to streamline their functions.

Mode of Operation

The workflow and the mode of operation of this Swiggy clone script are absolutely easy. Users can join and start choosing their favorite meals from their favorite restaurants. Further, they can order the same, followed by completing the payments. When it comes to income, the major revenue comes from commissions. Every time someone orders something, for every successful order, the admin will receive a commission.


To step into the Global food market, you should have to consider many tiny factors that can together bring a big difference. By considering your short and long-term business goals and by re-evaluating the resources, one should plan this process of becoming an established business organization. Choosing the right business model that suits your business, developing an efficient software platform, an incredible marketing plan to support your growth strategy, all these together constitutes a successful food ordering and delivery business.