If you are looking for a Flickr clone or a way to effectively manage your photos online then our new image sharing software is the perfect choice for you. Loaded with features it makes image and photo sharing an absolute breeze. If you are already familiar with Facebook and Flickr, then you’ll understand exactly how it works.

You can create all the categories and sub-categories on your site and then your members (or just you, if you want to showcase your own photos) can upload photo albums with the mass uploader, which automatically resizes them to various sizes, like thumbnail, half size and also keeps the original resolution.

On every photo, your members and visitors will be able to rate, vote, comment and share with others.

Your members can then browse through and create their own slidelists, which are like playlists, but since they are composed of images, we’ve called them slidelists. The slidelist opens in a Flash environment and cycles through all the images that have been added. The user can create an unlimited number of slidelists and other members can view them.

This photo sharing script is also about getting people talking to each other so a full social network has been built in, allowing members to communicate and see what others are up to.

The Flickr Clone software is priced at $197, and is one of the most stable, secure and scaleable solutions on the market.