2011 was a big year for Agriya with our customer base expanding far and wide and opening up new markets in the Middle East, South East Asia and the Orient. We welcomed many visiting clients to our office in India over the year and we can say with confidence that we are a truly global provider and are delighted to be able to highlight some of the exceptional projects our clients have been working on in the last 12 months.

Just like in 2010, 2011 was all about daily deals and group buying with our market leading GroupDeal software continuing to be the number one choice for businesses to build a daily deals website. This is reflected in our selection of client websites below which is dominated by customized and highly successful websites that were launched in 2011.

Big Deal

When Big Deal decided they needed to launch a group buying website in Thailand there was only one logical solution for their demanding requirements. GroupDeal has been given a complete design makeover with beautiful attention to detail. See for yourself, Big Deal are selling dozens of coupons for every deal they run.


When you are from a country like Switzerland, a melting pot of 4 different languages, you need a website that is multi-lingual to cater to all audiences. Fortunately for Y-Deal they found GroupDeal, the only truly multi-lingual group buying software available that can handle multiple languages on one site and multiple currencies. A quick glance at their recent deals shows that being multi-lingual really pays off with dozens of coupons being sold on all deals.

The Daily Hookup

With a grungy design, The Daily Hookup website has been developed with exclusivity, environment and fashion in mind. The deals are not a hodgepodge of spa and beauty treatments but are crafted by their curators who secure deals that they would want to buy themselves. Due to the national nature of the website the software has even been integrated with a content delivery network for speed and optimization.

Deal LX

Deal LX is a large European company with business operations in over 12 countries that covers a large range of currencies, cultures and languages. They had some of the most demanding requirements we’ve seen because they wanted to quickly launch group buying websites in 15 countries. After extensive research they chose GroupDeal because of the easy customization options, excellent technical support and the simplicity of integrating new payment options. Deal LX offer dozens of deals every day across their vast network of GroupDeal powered websites and are now selling thousands of coupons on most of their deals.


Australian based group buying website, Spurr, have taken Agriya’s GroupDeal software and customized it almost beyond recognition. With a fantastic blue and gray design it’s one of the best looking daily deal websites we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a lot!). Spurr are offering new deals every day and past performance shows they are selling dozens of coupons every day with everything from deep sea fishing to iPhone battery cases on offer. Their most popular deal has sold a little over 1,000 coupons which in reality is barely even starting to use the full power and capacity of GroupDeal.

Deal d’un Jour

Roughly translated as Deal of the Day, Deal d’un Jour is a Morocco based daily deals website chose GroupDeal because it offered easy backend translation in to the local language (French) along with integration with a local payment provider. The front end of the site has been completely customized with a fantastic blue theme and looks unrecognizable from GroupDeal’s default layout. They are now offering deals in over 25 cities throughout Morocco and have so far successfully run over 600 different deals with dozens of coupons purchased on each one.

City Setter

City Setter is a Spanish based daily deals website powered by Agriya’s GroupDeal software and completely transformed on the front end thanks to a brand new design and layout. City Setter have received a lot of attention from the Spanish media with mentions in some of the biggest national news websites (which you can read if you speak Spanish!). The entire website has been translated in to Spanish and the website now sells hundreds of coupons on each deal.

Charitable Coupons

By combining the population’s love for daily deals and the needs of charities to get donations, Charitable Coupons have hit upon a winning formula where customers can get great deals and donate to charity at the same time. With a completely new look and feel, GroupDeal has been solid as a rock as dozens and sometimes hundreds of coupons are purchased for every deal that they run. With a focus on Kansas City, Charitable Coupons hope they can expand their unique business model to other cities in 2012.

Kingdom Deal

Singapore is buzzing with group buying and daily deals websites at the moment and Kingdom Deal needed a rock solid service provider to ensure that when their website went live they would have the reliability and security to compete with some very well funded businesses. Fortunately this is what GroupDeal has been designed for and Kingdom Deal is successfully offering new deals every day on mostly accessories and other products. Most deals have sold more than 10 coupons with some even selling dozens.

Bungalow Stays


Renting out your spare room or couch is becoming an increasingly common way to earn a little bit of extra cash and our Burrow software is the perfect product to create a website like Airbnb. However it also works beautifully for mainstream vacation rentals websites and Bungalow Stays have taken advantage of this with their new website which lets people rent big villas and mansions around India for a night or even for months.

Mac Shnapp

Deals, deals, deals, hundreds of deals filling up your inbox – unless you’re in Germany and sign up to Mac Shnapp which eats up all the deals from German group buying websites and condenses it in to one easy to view email. This website relies on our Feedy software to aggregate deals and organize them on the website in an easy to use manner. Custom deal feeders had to be created and the new front end design looks nothing like the default Feedy theme. Since this is website is based in Germany, the company took advantage of the simple translation system to translate everything in to their native language.

Red Foto

With so much emphasis on daily deals and vacation rentals in the last couple of years it might be easy to forget that Agriya also has a wide range of other products. Red Foto uses Agriya’s Photoz software which lets anyone run a photo albums website a lot like Flickr or Picasa. This website has been highly customized with a unique design and has been translated completely in to Spanish.

These are just some of the exciting projects that Agriya has been working on in the last 12 months and with the number of projects in the pipeline we are confident that 2012 is going to be an even more successful year for our clients as businesses innovate to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

If you are an Agriya customer and you think we’ve missed out your customized website from this list please let us know in the comments below and we’ll make sure we’ll add your site and description right away!