Mobile technology is now completely mainstream and while 3 years ago you could build a small screen optimized version of your site but unfortunately it’s not that simple any more – particularly if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

With the deluge of new smartphones hitting the market and the range of features that they all incorporate, creating a single mobile version of your site just won’t cut it if you want to attract and retain visitors using their mobile phones to access your site.

mobile website app conversion

The first thing you need to consider is touch-phones like many Android based phones and non-touch phones like the Blackberry. Since the touch-phone user can easily touch anywhere on the screen the navigation and links should feature big, bold links. By contrast, a Blackberry user usually has to rely on a keypad or trackerball to navigate around the page so the order of the links and content becomes very important.

Another option to consider is a native app, an application built specifically for a smartphone that can take advantage of all the nifty hardware that is built in to modern day phones like accelerometers, GPS devices and cameras and can add a whole new dimension and way for the user to interact with your website.

Until now, developing a mobile website for all these different kinds of devices was something of a headache, not to mention a very expensive process but that has all changed thanks to the revolutionary new service now offered by CSSilize.

The site that was the first PSD slicing service to offer a fully featured project management system where you could see your slicing project take shape in real time with immediate feedback given to the developers has now expanded its services to offer comprehensive mobile website development and mobile website conversion.

Here’s how the new services break down

Native Apps

These are actual applications that your users can download and install on to their smartphone from your website or more commonly from the various app stores available. Your website will be optimized for a native app experience, taking advantage of built in hardware where available.

CSSilize utilizes the PhoneGap framework technology which enables us to rapidly build and deploy your app much faster across a range of smartphone platforms like iPhone, Android and Symbian. PhoneGap is an open source framework which uses HTML5 and Javascript to easily create cross-platform compatible apps, which means you save a tonne of money by not having to develop a Blackberry app, an Android app and an iPhone app.

If you order a native app you can let us know what additional features you want to add such as Contacts, picture viewer or Geolocation. The full source code will be delivered to you upon project completion and instructions will be provided on how to get your app approved by the various app stores or CSSilize will even handle the submission process for you for an additional fee.

Note: This service creates a native app version of your existing website, it doesn’t create a brand new app to your requirements. If you need mobile application development, please get in touch with us.

Suitable For: iPhones, Android Phones, Nokia Phones, Windows Mobile Phones and Palm Phones

Touch Mobile Web App Sites

Touch Apps are mobile versions of your website but are optimized for the various touchscreen mobile phones. CSSilize will take your existing website or mobile site, redesign it to be touch friendly with bigger buttons and simple navigation and convert it in to a touch-friendly mobile site.

Your touch friendly mobile website will look different to your normal site but still retain the functionality. It will work on any touch screen mobile phone like the iPhone or Android.

Suitable For: Any touch based mobile phone with Internet access

Regular Mobile Sites

These mobile sites are designed for phones which don’t have touch screens and the users have to navigate via a 4 direction control pad or a tracking ball like on the Blackberry. The layout is tailored to the smaller screen with the content presented in a linear manner to allow easy navigation given the movement restrictions.

Suitable For: Any mobile phone with Internet access

To find out more information and get the details on the pricing, visit and take advantage of our mobile app conversion expertise.