On-demand services have been the new norm of serving the emergency needs of the global population. Over these years, it has grown into one of the most opportunistic markets. Today, the impact of on-demand businesses is extended over diverse industries. With the inception of Uber, the on-demand has conquered the ride-hailing scenario. Now, the list has gone beyond Uber. Emergency services including grocery shopping, food delivery etc has already begun taking advantage of on-demand possibilities. Huge markets such as Healthcare is not an exception as well. Here in this document, we ought to render valuable insights into recent trends in the on-demand sector.

Diverse Industries Adopt On-demand to Facilitate User Convenience

As mentioned above, the on-demand business is not an individual stream of business as of now. It now operates in a wide range of industries. Reports say that 86.5 Million Americans utilize some sort of on-demand services last year alone. However, transportation, food delivery, and online marketplaces are prominent among all the industries that have adopted on-demand possibilities.

Now, How on-demand helps other industries’ growth? Take the taxi industry for instance. Uber came into the picture as a solution for the world’s commute needs. It was a solution that we were waiting for so long. Similarly, the healthcare sector has adopted on-demand to improve its reach and effectiveness in scheduling the appointments. The tech giant Amazon’s on-demand strategy signifies the future potentials of the on-demand market.

Rapid Growth in On-demand Workforce

Since the on-demand is growing day by day, the workforce requirement is rising as well. However, we sensed rapid growth in the number of workers joining the industry every year. According to Burson-Marsteller’s on-demand economy survey: 45 Million Americans (22% of the adult population) have offered services in on-demand service. In the year 2015, there were 2.4 million workers using on-demand platforms. By 2017, the number had reached 5.4 million, and this figure is expected to hit 7 billion by 2020.

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Rising Significance of Background Investigation

Even if the on-demand businesses makes our lives a bit easier, there are great risks involved in the same. And this is why it is important to perform a thorough background; for it aids you to ensure maximum safety and reliability. Also, it will drastically improve user credibility as well.

Let us make this clear. Imagine a situation that you are in need of a babysitter. Anyway, your prior choice will be some on-demand platforms, where you can find someone who is experienced in this particular scenario. In situations similar to this, it is inevitable that as the platform owner you must take responsibility for the safety of the user. Today, there are many enterprises that offer fast, accurate background checks for companies that operate in the on-demand app economy. Checkr is the best example of this. They offer a similar kind of services. In fact, they perform more than a million background checks a month.

Opens the Doors of Opportunity for Skilled Professionals

As the on-demand market is taking off, the demand for skilled professional will increase as well. When it comes to huge on-demand giants such as Uber, Airbnb etc, they require more employees as they are constantly expanding their business boundaries. Besides, they need developers, designers and marketing professionals to take care of the service booking software they own. After all, the healthcare sector is going on-demand as well. Hence and so, we foresee a great demand for professionals. Not just in healthcare, on-demand for teachers, musicians etc are in need of the same as well.

The Need for On-demand App Development Solutions are Mushrooming

As one of the renowned on-demand app solution providers in the current market, this part excites us more. With the emergence of novel on-demand use cases, the demand for on-demand app developers has also increased substantially. However, with regards to building on-demand applications, there are two possible ways you can choose from.

  • Hire developers and build an on-demand app from the scratch
  • Buy a ready-made on-demand service booking solution

Developing an app from scratch isn’t a scary option as everyone says, but anyhow it involves a series of procedure that demands great attention and efficiency. Most of all you need a team of experts capable of doing all it takes to build an inclusive app. From research to implementation, the process requires a great deal of time and effort.

On the other hand, ready-made solutions are easy to employ and can be transformed into a mobile app that meets your unique needs. Agriya’s service booking solution is the ideal paradigm for new-age ready to deploy solutions. It is carefully built to meet the needs of the millennial on-demand market and involves all the essential one need to surpass the overwhelming competition.

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Final Words

Towards the end of the year 2019, we may witness several advancements in the on-demand sector. The possibility is that the industry will expand to many other market sectors; for we have already seen the signs of the same. In addition, new technological innovations will further transcend the on-demand experience. In a nutshell, the future possibilities of on-demand, especially in terms of business is massive. Explore our website to know more.

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