Step 1: Goal

Decide what type of website you need to launch, it may be a personal website, commercial website or non-profit organization website. Websites can be developed for anything like sharing ideas/thoughts, reviewing books, products or games, promoting products/services or offering information about a city, event, historical place, etc.

Step 2: Domain registration

In order to start a website, you need to register for a domain and get it hosted through a hosting company.

Just select a domain name that appropriately suits your website and check its availability with domain registrars like,, etc. Most registrars charge around $ 15 – 35/year for registration and take one – three days for registration, and some of them offer hosting services at reasonable costs to place the domain on the internet.

You can choose a domain registrar that offers both domain registration and web hosting services, or register a domain with a registrar and choose any web hosting company for hosting the registered domain.

Step 3: Web development

In the past, developing a web site was a big thing which could be done only by developers having knowledge of HTML and programming. But this is not the case anymore; the current web design industry offers open source software and ready-made scripts to develop a website easily, even without any knowledge on HTML.

If you want to run a site like popular websites YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc, you can chose a clone software of those popular sites available in the market. When you have decided to get a clone script, check its features and reliability by viewing its demo, review content and testimonials and then buy it.

Start your dream website by following these three steps. Don’t stop with the web development alone, you have to maintain and promote it to survive in the web world. This can be done easily by outsourcing web maintenance and promotion to a well-experienced Website Development Company.