There is an old saying that’s often rolled out whenever something goes wrong or doesn’t happen in the way you want it to. It goes a little something like this:

Failure to plan is planning to fail

When it comes to building your online business using one of Agriya’s clone scripts like our Etsy clone or Airbnb clone then not having a clear plan of action, or a business plan, is just the same as planning to fail. Can you think of any other business in the world where you can just ‘wing it’ and see how it goes? We can’t!

The beauty of the Internet is that it is such a controlled environment compared to a bricks and mortar business. You can buy visitors to your website and calculate the conversion, you can change the entire layout of your website and track the impact it has, you can network directly with tens of thousands of potential customers, you can contact your past customers at a click of a button and so much more.

However, don’t mistake this opportunity as being the easy path to success, your online business needs as much planning and thought as any regular offline business. Before you even buy one of Agriya’s scripts you should have a business plan in place and know exactly what you are going to do and when.

So without further ado, here are Agriya’s 4 top steps to success when you use one of our products.

Do Your Market Research

Agriya has been telling our customers to focus on niches since day one. Every website started out focusing on a niche and grew from there, you’ll never be able to stock the range of products Amazon do from day one, so don’t even think about becoming the next Amazon, instead, find a specific type of product to sell and become the go to online shop for it.

If you are planning to use our Groupon clone script then you need to mix it up with some offline research. If you don’t already have good connections with local business owners then it’s time to step outside and start knocking on business doors. Find out what their needs are, find out if they have used coupon sites before, what were the positives, what were the negatives, how can you build something that creates a win-win for everyone?

Doing research online is about judging consumer demand. Use Google’s Keyword Tool to judge interest in your niche by seeing how many searches are being done each month, then check out forums and blogs to find what people are discussing, what problems are they facing, how will your new website overcome these problems?

Have A Business Plan

Saying you need a business plan is all very well but if you’ve never written one before then you need to research how to write one. It’s not that you will be submitting it the banks to get a business loan, but it’s important to get the plan on paper so that there are no surprises or you are not sat infront of the computer one day wondering what to do.

Your business plan needs to comprise the results of your market research along with how you plan to actually make money. You need to do competition analysis to see who you will be competing against and find out what they do well and what they do badly.

A business plan will also try to estimate the cash flow in to out and of your business. A brand new website with no prior community to back it up is going to take several months to be generating a good income so ensure that you have the time, money and determination to keep growing the business, even if it’s not making anything to begin with.

Have A Unique Selling Point

By the time you have completed your market research and business plan you should have a good idea of what your visitors are looking for and where your competitors are failing. This is where you come up with your unique selling point to differentiate your business from everyone else.

Woot do a great job of building a USP in the daily deals industry because their website is fun, quirky and they have a particular way of writing to make their deals sound irrevent and awesome at the same time. From their constant engagement with their customers they have built up such a loyal following that even their “mystery boxes” achieve millions of dollars of sales – and the customers don’t even know what they are buying!

A USP can be anything from targeting a certain niche to out of this world customer service to awesome social media engagement to content marketing. SEOMoz are an SEO software company but their USP is the fantastic content they add to their blog for free everyday that keeps people coming back for more.

Focus, Commitment, Determination

Building your online business is going to take time and determination, whether it’s speaking to people in the real world or trying to drive traffic to your website through various Internet marketing efforts. If you have the funds (which should have been identified in the business plan) you can outsource a lot of the work or hire someone to do it for you, other wise you will need to invest your own time in to making your website success.

The key to building a successful online business using one of Agriya’s products is consistency. Nothing will happen without your involvement so ensure that every day you are doing something that is growing your busines, whether it is networking, content writing, SEO, seeking out new opportunities, talking to business owners or something else. If you can spare at least an hour a day to build up your website then you will achieve success in the long term.

If you want help, advice and consultation on how to build a successful online business using one of Agriya’s clone scripts please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you. If you’ve got any other suggestions on how to make your online business succeed then add them in the comments below!