You might think that the default SF Platform template is an all purpose generic design but if you are really looking to stand out from the crowd then you need to have some thing a bit more unique. While a complete custom design and integration may be a little bit beyond your budget, Agriya has recently released some fantastic templates for SF Platform that should get your inspiration juices flowing with ideas.

In case you are not aware, SF Platform works a lot like a kickstarter clone where anyone can list a project that they need funded and people can pledge money to get the project started. Often there will be rewards or recognition for people who donated and the more that is donated the higher the individual recognition. Infact, this system is so successful that Agriya has used this part of this software in our popular Agriya Ideas portal where people can pledge money to get products developed.

A clean and stylish layout using reds and yellows for highlighting colours. We love the vertical rectangular boxes to showcase the projects that are available and the yellow header really gives the site a memorable impact.

This purple template has a quirky feel to it with the minimal footer and funky colours but retains a clean layout. It looks like the perfect template for any kind of creative media type crowdfunded website.

If you want your website to make a visual impact then this is the template to choose. With a bold design and gorgeous blue and purple highlighting colours it will leave a lasting impression on everyone who will visit your site.

Blue is the colour! If you like you websites to be big, bright and unmissable then this template is the one for you. It’s got a concise home page with navigational arrows so visitors can explore more projects without having to scroll down.

All the templates are made to order and cost $750. It takes around 2-3 weeks to fully integrate the design due to the number of layouts and pages that need to be integrated.

SF Platform can be used in all kinds of different niches, so far we’ve seen clients build sites to serve the wedding niche, documentary niche, photography niches, charity niches and more. You can make money using this software by charging a small fee to list a project and taking a commission on the total amount that has been pledged.