Crowdfunding as a business entity is getting promoted with the support of multiple business models. For highlighting a crowdfunding campaign to the level of success it deserves, webmasters should be aware of the working of certain comprehensive tools. The reach of your campaign will be extensive, if you make use of the finest crowdfunding tool. Here let us analyze the titles of some prominent crowdfunding tools available in the market. Some tools are freely available, and many other versions are paid ones. Here let us detail the working of free tools together with some of the the paid tools that help users to run crowdfunding campaigns successfully.


Keeping your communication alive with the customers with the aid of e-mail, and by using spreadsheet may prove tedious at times. Backerkit functions like a dashboard, and allow customers, mainly those who are funding for projects to receive and send unbreakable communication. It provides the same facilities of emails, and spreadsheets in a much easier way.


Basecamp is a fundamental tool which helps those who involved in crowdfunding to develop projects, upload documents, and accomplish many other vital tasks. It is made by using 37 useful signals and is embedded with a calendar to update the work of total members involved in the activity of crowdfunding.


Social media integration plays a great role in making any campaign successful these days. It is very important to have a planned social media strategy. All your communication to the customers such as launches, and updates about software so on should be scheduled earlier in social media platforms like facebook and twitter. Then the users will get automated updates on time. Buffer is the finest tool to manage all these things single-handed.


PitchFuse is a free tool which helps users in the creation of web pages that promotes crowdfunding projects. The web pages developed using PitchFuse will enable webmasters to receive reviews from users very easily. It has options for following social shares, and collects the number of visits of valuable users. It will give an edge for taking your crowdfunding campaign to the next level.


For the proper functioning of your crowdfunding campaign, you need to send conveying newsletters to your clients. MailChimp is the ideal tool to help you in this affair. You can freely send newsletters to 2000 subscribers. If you exceed the limit, it will be chargeable. It also offers open rates, and proper analytics. If you have more than 5000 subscribers, then MailChimp may be a costly one, then switch to Aweber.


InkyBee assists users in the making of media lists. Users can trace out bloggers, and create CRM for everyone. This tool is the best in the creation of notes. Users can also identify the progress of customer visits to their spread sheets, and it lessens the stress of promoting campaigns, as well.

Google Docs

Last but not the least Google Docs happens to be an essential tool to assist users in terms of documentation. Invitation of employees, and partners coupled with the monitoring of their works becomes so simple a task with the use of Google Docs. Most important aspect which favors Google Docs is that it is freely accessible with every G-mail account.


Every business person who enters into the realm of crowdfunding aspires to stretch out their business like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Hence many a Kickstarter clone is getting prominent these days. To take your business parallel to the level of Kickstarter, business persons should use a detailed list of tools, and some essential titles are listed here.