High – quality template:

Other video sharing scripts offer a single layout in different colours whereas Rayzz offers attractive and colourful templates in different styles and layouts. One of its main advantages is “Bug-free”, as we have already worked out the templates for Rayzz so you can implement the selected template in the site within minutes. Using the Rayzz templates, users can easily create a professional site.


In community sites, photo sharing is one of the most important features which other competitors lacks. Rayzz enables individuals to upload the photos and share them with their family members, friends and even the general public. Users can organize their photos into photo albums which can be viewed whenever the individuals desire. Users can also comment on other individual photos, and allow others to comment on their photos to know how popular the photo is.


Other video sharing scripts doesn’t have any option to post articles on your website. But Rayzz has this standout feature which the members can use to post the articles on any topic and share them with public or among specific group. This is one of the easiest ways to increase site traffic. Let your users post the content rich articles, and help you reach the high page ranking.


“Without music there is no life”. Music has become part of everyone’s life as it smoothens their mind and helps to relax. This lively feature is missing in other video sharing scripts. Rayzz lets the members to upload their favorite music on the site, and share them with their friends and control the access of the audios by public or other members on the site. Having a high quality audio is a good way to make your site more accessible to visually impaired web surfers.


Blogs enables members to post any industry relevant news, products and service information and reviews, new product development information, business advice for their readers, descriptions of events, opinions and observations on any subject or topic etc. Rayzz offers this tremendous promotional tool for the community site, while other video sharing scripts failed to include this feature.


Online video ads are quickly becoming the medium of choice to drive both brand awareness and sales. Other video sharing scripts doesn’t offer the facility to display ad on the video player. Whereas, the Rayzz enables the webmasters to control the display of ads on the video player. It is one of the best ways to make revenue easily.


Main aim of our customization service is to enable webmasters to modify the whole site as per their requirements. But other video sharing scripts doesn’t have this standout feature.

Multi – lingual support:

Other video sharing scripts supports specific number of languages but Rayzz will support almost all languages as desired and set by the webmasters. Rayzz uses the translation API provided by Google, so as Google adds new languages, they are automatically added to your site!

Restriction of ratings and comments:

If the site users don’t want to accept any comment and/or rating for their videos, they can restrict it easily on the site build using the Rayzz. Other video sharing doesn’t have such facility for restricting the rating and commenting of videos.


If you want to build a successful community site, Rayzz is the perfect choice for you.