It’s been 3 years since Agriya deployed the first edition of our ABS (Appointment Booking Software) solution. Over these years, we have addressed and served the technological demands of a multitude of millennial enterprises. We have also introduced several different upgraded versions of the same in order to help businesses cope with the fluctuating market conditions. In actual, the major inspiration for frequents updates to ABS was the realization that in a digital world the user expectation is rising over time. Today, to the date, ABS signifies one of “the most outcome-focused” appointment booking solution available in the market.

Unlike other appointment booking software, ABS solution is a well-crafted script specifically designed to improve the efficiency of your booking process while reducing the no-shows, at the same time, improving your chances of conversions. Everything you need to optimize your schedules is incorporated in the script, hence called the most efficient ready-made appointment scheduling script you can put hands on.

ABS – Working Model and Income Streams

What sets ABS apart from other appointment booking solutions is the way it streamlines the entire scheduling process and how well it fits your business demands. Fundamentally ABS deals with two entities, the doctors/clinics and the patients. And the major objective is to support and serve both uniformly without any distinctions.

ABS For Patients

Similar to every booking software, patients have to provide their basic information and register with the platform. Soon after registering they search availability and book appointments. They can browse over the available date by using the in-built calendar and indulge in the booking process by considering their convenience.

Users can book appointments, reschedule the same, update their history and more. Moreover, the user-focused UI makes it absolutely simple to complete the booking process within just a matter of minutes.

Spotlight Features

  • Flexible authentication methods (social networks or Email)
  • Streamline UI to facilitate simple booking scenario
  • Multi-currency and Multilingual support
  • Secure payment gateways for safe transactions
  • Advanced search mechanism and sorting options
  • Rating system to aid users to find the best from all the options they have

ABS For Doctors/Clinics

Similar to patients, doctors have to register with the platform and choose a subscription plan to get started. Improved visibility, no missing appointments, no empty slots, enhanced conversions and reach are the major benefits of being listed in the platform. Since doctors can avail complete patient history, it helps them plan the treatment prior to the appointment.

Spotlight Features

  • Flexible subscription plans to choose from
  • Updatable patient history
  • Photo gallery to display images of any particular disease or remedy
  • Social sharing options that help users find doctors from their favourite social media platforms

How Does ABS Help Businesses Stay Ahead of the Curve?

When users and doctors are considered the main beneficiaries, one should not neglect how the business is going to get merited from this. Because the business owner or concerned individual is given an advanced admin dashboard, he/she can manage everything that happens in the platform. From accepting registration requests to the marketing efforts, ABS admin dashboard involves everything you need to optimize your business for the millennial market.

Besides, the subscription-based revenue model makes sure you have a recurring income. And with the access to analytics insights, you will be able to strategize accordingly and optimize your plans with respect to the data gathered.

Spotlight Features

  • Dynamic Admin dashboard to manage and organize all platform functions
  • Actionable insights and reports generation
  • Subscription-based revenue model for recurring income
  • In-built email templates to ease your marketing efforts

Planning to Setup an Doctor Appointment Booking Software? Test drive Agriya ABS solution today!


  • Ready-made script
  • 100% customizable
  • Millennial-market focused
  • Multiple add-on options
  • High-end support and maintenance