ABS Doctor booking solution redefines the way customers interact with your business

As Sam Walton quoted, “Exceed your customer’s expectations. If you do, they’ll come back over and over. Give them what they want – and a little more“. Addressing the expectations of customers is the only way to succeed today, Anyone running a business over a period of time exactly knows how much customer satisfaction is important for their business and one who doesn’t satisfy their customers must find the best ways to make sure how the customer feels about his/her’s business is favourable for themAny service-based business, despite niches they operate in, has to optimize their customer’s preferred channels, keep the flow as simple and efficient as possible.

Appointment booking module – where the primary customer interaction occurs in most cases has to be taken seriously, guaranteed to be streamlined, to deliver an intuitive experience to them. Organizations are aware that an advanced appointment scheduling system can substantially improve business operations. Even in terms of conversions and customer retention, it can work wonders for you.

ABS allows businesses to cut down on customer waiting time, revenue loss and increased expenses related to appointment management. When rationalizing the whole scheduling process, ABS make sure no slots will be left unattended, moreover, follow up the already-booked appointments to ensure the maximum success rate. And guess what! Every time a customer steps into your platform, it leaves an impression of ease in them, making them wonder how easy and flexible it is to connect with your business.


Let see how ABS can transcend your scheduling operations, supercharge your relationship with customers:

Mobile Optimized Approach – According to Quick sprout, 51% of internet users are more likely to purchase/hire service from a mobile-optimized website. On the other hand, Tech crunch survey says, an average mobile user spends 127 mins on mobile apps per day, which is 60 minutes more than we consume on the web, & only 41 minutes short of the 168 minutes we watch TV. ABS solution comes with a web and mobile version, the mobile app is available as well. Understanding the specific needs of your users, we designed ABS in such a way to respond quickly as well as accurately to the user inputs. Regardless of the device they use, ABS lets your users’ book appointments without any hassle.

AI-powered Search and Filters – We believe that a well-formulated UI can create a strong link between customers and your website. ABS’s streamlined UI makes the booking procedure easy. It incorporates the AI-powered search mechanism and advanced filters to deliver the most relevant results to end-users. Users can even customize their search with respect to location or service preferences.

Third-party Calendar Integration – Even though ABS implies a full-service suite, it supports third-party calendar integration- Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo Calendar or any provider that you prefer. This way you will eliminate the burden of following up each and every regular-using app. Instead, you can view, organize and plan your schedules without consuming too much time and effort. Besides, with respect to the status of appointments booked, the calenders that you have already integrated with ABS will also be updated.

Fast Checkout and Payment – ABS take care of your transactions. Because we integrate Stripe and PayPal, managing the payments is no longer a tedious task, you can accept up-front payments without any concerns.

Data Dashboard and Reports – ABS enables users to access interact and analyze up-to-date information so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions. ABS gives actionable analytical insights to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time, thus help businesses find what works the best for them and whatnot. Besides, generating reports is just a click away.

Automated Follow-up Reminders – According to a survey conducted by Get app, 60% of respondents think that getting a text reminder would make them less likely to miss an appointment. No-show rate is a great concern to many service-based businesses today, especially in the case of healthcare businesses. Sending a follow-up text can diminish this possibility of missing appointments to a great extent. ABS incorporates this special feature- automate reminder to facilitate the follow-up process and thus avoid the revenue loss associated with the same.

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