Discovering the best ways to promote and commercialize your own brand, product or service is the most important skill a webmaster should acquire. Well, modern world has paved many ways for “video marketing” utilizing brand-new technologies and latest techniques. Right from small to large businesses are taking advantages of this promising marketing tool. And yes, videos can dramatically boost brand awareness, click-through rates, open rates, etc. Video marketing is one of the ideal methods to reach your target audience and improve your online business.

There are endless video distribution platform for video marketing, but YouTube is the second largest search engine and also a dynamic marketing tool that absolutely helps to increase viewership, and subscribers to your videos or YouTube channel.  Video annotations on YouTube enable the users to direct traffic, give general information, and navigate to a specific part of your website.

Now, Agriya, a pioneer company based in Chennai, had faced many challenges in promoting brand value and eventually found an ultimate solution- adding clickable links into the YouTube Videos. This technique has helped us to stand apart from our competitors so we would like to share this useful concept with you. We provide detailed information about adding external links in YouTube video annotations and to optimize your videos. The following steps help you to add links to your website in YouTube:

Verify your Account on YouTube

First step is to verify ownership of accounts and sites on YouTube.  To get verification for your youtube account, click here and follow the instructions. After successful verification you will receive a confirmation message.

Check YouTube Account is in Appropriate Position

When you include an associated website, your account must be existed in proper position. You have the access to check these details in the Channel Settings > Features.

youtube account

 Account Authorization to Add External Annotation Links

You will fetch a notification bar as you tap on your video to annotate. This notification bar demands you to set up your account on YouTube for external annotation links. Click the Enable button.

enable annotations

The final procedure of this step- you must have to agree to the terms and conditions for successful authorization. If your account is enabled for adding external annotation links, you will receive a message.

Add Associated Website

Add the domain associated with your website that is verified with YouTube. Go to your Channel Settings > Advanced > Associated Website and entering the URL. Click Add.

associated website

Once you added the domain you have to check whether you own the domain or site by verifying it. Google Webmaster Tools helps you to achieve this using a variety of methods or upload an HTML verification file for the simplest verification process. Until you do this, the status will be “Pending”.

associated website status

Clicking on a verify link will take you to your Google Webmaster Tools account, which exists with various options for confirming ownership of the domain. On Successful verification, you will be greeted.

webmaster status

Add Annotations

Here, you will be able to add annotations to your videos that link your website associated with YouTube! Go to the Link box- check and pick out “Associated Website” from the drop down menu. Put the specific URL in and Save.

external link

Test Links

Finally test your external links set up, to make sure that you’re directing the users to the specified or appropriate pages on your site. Do consider using the URL builder to include campaign tracking tags to your links, this helps you to see the most effective links.

On other hand, you can check out the YouTube Analytics dashboard for definite stats on annotations. Explore this wonderful technique to boost your brand, product or service!!