Online food service marketplace is one area which holds great prospect for all business aspirants. In general, it acts and will continue to act as a platform that connects restaurants and customers digitally. With growing inclination among two ends to carry forward everything online, various developments are on the rise.

But, are they good enough to overcome the prevailing difficulties? if at all, what are the difficulties?

  • Perplexing display of a restaurant’s menu and related entries.
  • Timeliness. In other words, making correct provisions to ensure prompt service.
  • Giving users, the room for accessibility.
  • To have a web platform, that supports future extension.

In order to overcome the above-mentioned challenges, you may consider following these strategies.

  • To make things clear, it’s essential to have a comprehensive and faultless display of a restaurant’s menu, price, and most importantly Add-ons. Carrying out a proper database helps to achieve this quite easily.
  • Your platform must connect well with every key procedure that an online food servicing business entails.
  • Moreover, it should be highly compatible, scalable and side with usability.
  • Ultimately, it must be adaptable for all future extensions, both for business and technological demands.

Online Food Ordering Script from Agriya

Agriya’s OFOS is designed to remove the existing complexity of the online food servicing business. This Just Eat clone script – OFOS is built with latest technical advancements to suit your business model well. It contains every essential feature you would expect. Additionally, several beneficial inclusions are provided to offer enhanced functionality to your web platform.

Just Eat Clone Demo

Let’s discuss the features in detail. Thereby, the functionality that can potentially extend the streamlined set of operations to your workflow.

User-friendly Food Ordering Platform:

Once a user/customer enters the homepage to search for a restaurant, multiple options are incorporated to make his/her task relatively easy. Restaurant search filters like Most Popular/Top Restaurants can instantly generate effective results. To go with that, this multilingual ready-made script supports categorized search for a variety of foods. Explicitly, it helps with the search action.

There’s a separately dedicated attribute which aids user’s in managing their accounts. Easily, they can involve and monitor cash transactions over here.

This section comprises of,

  • Reviews
  • Account settings
  • Change password
  • Address book
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Money Transfer account
  • Transactions
  • Add to wallet

Interactive dashboard:

The admin is given a masterly control over the activities of a site by means of an all-around dashboard. A simple UI design has been effected making the platform highly user-friendly. Clean layouts are utilized along with multi-column interfaces. To represent data and statistics, informative graphical representation methodologies are implemented. On the whole, an admin can take advantage of the detail-oriented design in constructing a productive managerial processing.

Integral insertions:

As said before, the admin here can hold control of every single process adhered to the workflow. Managing the restaurant oriented undertakings is very crucial in the context of a successful admin work. And that’s exactly the reason why we have added several key traits in the script.

Right from order tracking to arranging proper resources for timely delivery, you can organize all together conveniently. Setting up an online food service business is a simple process with this ready-made script. Easily, you can view the revenue of each and every restaurant, change timings and contact details. Also, supervisors can be put into the position to increase work competency. Adding restaurant photos is enabled as well. Proper arrangements are made to showcase the menu lists of a restaurant, the add-on facility is worth mentioning too.

An Advantageous payment gateway:

A common difficulty, that admins often confront is bringing about a versatile payment gateway option. While targeting different localities, it’s important to have several payment gateways. In simpler words, customers do come across a problem for getting access in dedicated locations alone. This is where our inbuilt gateway called ZaZpay, comes into play nicely. It has nearly 40 payment gateways, thus solving the location based service restriction.