Agriya Infoway, a web development company, announced the release of the beta version of Rayzz lite, a pure video sharing script. Rayzz lite will help webmasters put together a video sharing site like YouTube, and start earning money.

Web video watching is experiencing skyrocketing growth at the moment. Online video usage is up by 53 percent since this time last year. Video is the future of the internet; people love to get information through videos rather than text. Video pulls more visitors to a website and improves site traffic. Social networking sites have also seen vast growth in the past decades. So a combination of both social networking and video is the way to do it.

Rayzz lite is developed based on this idea to enable webmasters to build an effective video sharing site through which users can network with their friends while sharing videos of high quality. Videos can be categorized under channels to facilitate easy search of videos.

Site owners can start earning by placing banners in the top, bottom and/or side bars of the site. They can also earn with pre-ads and/or post-ads in videos. The internal messaging system will ensure effective collaboration among site members. The maturity warning setting helps webmasters to start a family-friendly networking site which is a must in the current net world to safeguard children.

“There are several keys to the success of our company,” said Sheerin, Vice president of Marketing at Agriya. “One of them is creating a video sharing script. Our latest release of Rayzz Lite is targeted at webmasters who are willing to create a networking site with essential features to connect people and share videos, and make money out of it. We are confident that this script will be accepted by clients just like our other products.”

Rayzz Lite is now available at 77$, this offer is only for a limited period.