Many potential clients have been asking us for some independent reviews on Agriya Infoway and Ahsan Technologies. We think it is important to point out here that Ahsan Technologies is the parent company and Agriya is now just the trading / brand name so when you see us refer to ‘Agriya’, we are talking about the brand name, but the actual company is called Ahsan Technologies.

Anyway, people are asking for some independent Agriya Reviews (or an Ahsan Review) so we thought we’d put them in this central location so you can see for yourself how many happy customers we have:

Agriya Reviews. Ahsan Reviews

Over 650 Independent and Positive Reviews About Agriya Have Been Written

Infact, Agriya have over 650 independent reviews from happy, satisfied customers and that number grows day by day. So why are people leaving so many positive Agriya and Ahsan reviews like this one:

Rare do you find such professionals in this day and age. With Agriya I didn’t have to do the typical running around looking to find them online, trying to extract updates etc. For me, being professional and timely with your client is equally important to the quality of the work. If not more important. Agriya has both. The professionalism that dovetails with their impeccable quality of work is what guarantees them many more jobs from me in the future. ‘navarino’

It has been a pleasure working with Agriya. Highly recommended. True to their rating, was awesome in finishing the work on time. This gem of a web development team can implement any project. Excellent Communication. Perfect Support. Fast and Reliable. Thank you. ‘christobal’

Great people there! They made a perfect work! All my requests were satisfied, got very good suggestions & nice solutions. They aldo made a great job after first releases in fixing all the issues and bugs without questions. I strongly recommend AGRIYA as the perfect partner for any web needs. ‘valerio71′ from Italy

The answer is simple, we only take the projects we know we can complete, we don’t under-sell ourselves just to win the project and we have an entire team of Client Relationship Managers whose only job is to make you happy and ensure you are pleased with the progress of the site.

If you have tried outsourcing in the past and are looking for an Agriya review to ensure that we deliver on our promises, let us give you some reasons why you should be choosing Agriya for your next project:

  • We only take projects that we know we can handle
  • We don’t undersell ourselves to win a project
  • We see each project through to completion
  • We don’t say “Yes” to your every request if we know the reality is different
  • You will be assigned a dedicated CRM who will be your point of contact in the company who can speak and understand fluent English
  • You will be able to contact us by phone, Skype, email, Instant Messenger, telegram, pigeon carrier or any other method that you like – we work to your hours
  • You will be kept in the loop 100% of the time. Sometimes web development projects can hit unexpected problems, we know that for a client the worst thing is not being told what is going on
  • Agriya has over 200 employees, we have a big salary commitment (not to mention many families relying on us) and we can only do that by ensuring every customer is kept happy – if we screw up, we screw up for our employees too
  • We have been developing websites for over 10 years
  • We have worked with thousands of clients from around the world and have an equal number of Agriya reviews praising our company
  • We use open source solutions to keep your costs as low as possible
  • You will get 3 months support and maintenance for each project as part of the cost

Quite a list we’ve got going on there! Do you need some more reasons? Then give us a buzz and let us convince you why you should be choosing Agriya for your next project.

Read more Agriya reviews and find out more about our projects on our portfolio page. To get in contact with us please use the Live Chat button at the top of this page to instantly chat to a customer rep, call us on +1 773 358 2979 (US) or +44 20 3287 5567 (UK) or shoot us an email by filling out the contact form here.