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First time in 15 years of track record, Agriya celebrates the most promising “Aadi” month by announcing a flat 30% discount offer for all its ready-made clone script products. Use Coupon code “AADISALE15” and get the Agriya’s Aadi offer of all outstanding products which will start from 27th July 2015 to 7th August 2015.

Motive of our Aadi discount

Aadi, the auspicious Tamil month, starts from the mid of July and ends in the mid of August. Aadi is sure month to be celebrated with zest and is the perfect time for numerous festivals and events.

This lucky month is considered as the best time for sowing, rooting, planting of seeds and vegetation because it is a peak monsoon season of the year. All the farmers will also start their cultivation by sowing the seeds in this privileged month. Moreover, it is the special month for worshipping the goddess of wealth.

By knowing the significance of this month, Agriya creates an excellent ambience for furnishing flat 30% discount on all their smart clone scripts of various business models. First-time entrepreneurs can make use of this favorable circumstance and make a headway in the aspiring industry with ease.

Celebrate the Aadi month with our unbeatable discounts

We put forth an exclusive Aadi discount to all our high-scope ready-made script of various business models. We are not stopping this super offer to our products alone, but also extending this interesting offer to all our significant and valuable modules, templates and mobile applications as well.
Make use of this exclusive Aadi offer from “Agriya”, along with the divine spirits and get into the desired industry in a cost-effective manner.

Bottom line

Get a full impact of this great golden month benefit by using the Aadi discount availed by Agriya. Take part in the Aadi sale of Agriya and get benefits out of it by entering into the money-spinning industry.