Agriya have always held the belief that we should get things done fast and then iterate to make the improvements. It stands at odds with the philosophy of many of our clients who strive for perfection on the first shot but it is something that serves us well and has enabled us to be the first to market with many new products. As our motto states:

Think Big, Start Small, Do It Fast

More than 8 months on from when we launched many new products we felt that it was about time to go back and give some names to them instead of simply calling them “XYZ clone”. We put on our thinking caps and are pleased to announce the new official names for our line up of products…

This is Agriya’s group buying software and has been a runaway success since it launched 8 months ago. Used by some of the biggest group deal sites on the Internet the software is a secure, scalable and reliable solution for big and small companies. Find out more about Agriya’s Groupdeal.

FP Platform
Fixed priced job portals are taking the Internet by storm as people offer their services for a small fixed price. Our FP Platform is used by the biggest companies in the industry including Zeerk, Cinkue and Dealrr. Find out why so many companies choose Agriya’s FP Platform.

If you don’t have the resources or the business connections to run a full blown group deal site but want to get your slice of the grou buying action then Agriya’s Feedy is the product for you. It aggregates deals from all the biggest sites and pulls them together in one place – perfect for daily deal junkies to get their fix!

Peewee means small and with Agriya’s PeeweePay you can let merchants start selling via your site within seconds, no complicated signup forms, just enter their product details and they can start selling immediately. Digital downloads or real products, it doesn’t matter, it’s all built in to PeeweePay.

Virtual real estate is becoming as hot as real world real estate as people look to buy undervalued websites and flip them for a profit – just like in the real world. With Agriya’s Flipit you can start your own marketplace to bring together buyers and sellers of virtual real estate (websites) and facilitate the entire process.

Because of the new name changes, we have updated all the demo URL’s so please contact us if you need to see the new demos.

What do you think of the names? Better than “XYZ clone”? We sure think so and hope that they become industry brand names in the near future.