With the rising business trend of fundraising in the digital world induce Agriya to develop ideal ready-made fundraising solutions for the budding entrepreneurs. That being the case, it facilitates them to give an immediate entry into the crowdsourcing business entity with no special efforts.

Beforehand, here are some frequently asked questions from the entrepreneurs’ side regarding the creation of a remarkable fundraising business with our multi-purpose crowdfunding scripts.

1. What is so special about using Agriya’s crowdfunding software?

The crowdfunding platform from Agriya is made of latest technologies, needed facilities, and available at a reasonable price. These scripts can bring an extraordinary fundraising platform in a few days.

2. What is the significance of 4 kinds of Agriya’s crowdfunding software?

As the crowdfunding business is accelerating the growth year after year, it spreads across the digital world with numerous fundraising models. We have paved attention to those fundraising business models and crafted 4 different kinds of crowdfunding platform at a competitive price.

Here are the 4 fundraising business models.

1. Kickstarter clone script

2. Donation script

3. Equity crowdfunding script

4. Lending and borrowing script

Each and every script has tremendous need among the rising entrepreneurs’ community and investors.

3. How much these scripts cost?

When speaking about the cost of these scripts, they are very affordable which comes within your budget. The development cost for any crowdfunding platform may also differ if the entrepreneurs ask for customization work.

4. Is the working mechanism of each crowdfunding platform unique?

The basic functionality is one and the same for the fundraising platform. It allows investors to fund money for the budding entrepreneurs to start up their new business. But, the funding and investment terms will differ from script to script.

Donation script – The personalized donating mechanism has been implemented in running a user-friendly donation based fundraising business.

As we take for the p2p lending script, it works based on gratifying these terms such as lending scores, interest repayment, lending tipping point system, and loaning terms.

With the Kickstarter clone script, the entrepreneurs can choose their pledging models based on which the reward based fundraising platform operates.

While taking the Equity crowdfunding script, the project has to satisfy the SEIS guidelines and JOBS act. On gratifying, the investors will be allowed to invest their money in the specified project.

5. How long will this script take to establish an online fundraising platform?

Normally, our support team will take 2 weeks of the period to completely develop an online fundraising of any type. But if there is any exclusive customization, then delay occurs in the creation of fundraising platform.

6. Do I get a customized crowdfunding platform?

Of course, yes, you can opt any combination of fundraising model and exclusively create the crowdfunding platform to your need and the way you want it.

7. How reliable the Agriya’s crowdfunding platform?

Since our script is made with the ultimate resilience that it is very much competent to adapt the business needs absolutely. With the Plugin-friendly nature, you can add or remove modules for the smooth functioning of fundraising platform.

8. How easy is to set up a fundraising site with our script?

Just in the period of two weeks, you can install the script with all default modules and with all exclusive facilities in your server. Our support team will provide complete guidance in setting up a perfect fundraising platform.

The entrepreneurs are also allowed to access the source code of the script for conveniently modifying the site look and feel exactly to your preference.

9. Do I have full authority in adding and removing the facilities of my crowdfunding platform?

Take advantage of our script flexibility, smoothly add or remove the modules based on your fundraising business model.

10. How can the Agriya’s crowdfunding software flexible for multiple business verticals?

Our scripts are made out of latest technologies and with the plugin-friendly aspect. These facets allow entrepreneurs to uniquely craft a niche-specific fundraising business of any type like the pledge, donate, lend, and equity with ease.

11. Does the script allow integrating dynamic revenue model for my crowdfunding platform?

Yes, you have full freedom in incorporating any kind of revenue making options with this script. By default, it integrates a certain set of earning opportunities. You can customize your fundraising platform by adding or removing any revenue features with ease.

12. Does Agriya crowdfunding platform is available in the Apps format?

Yes, we do develop an inclusive crowdfunding script for the iPhone devices. We have specially made distinctive iPhone apps for all our 4 fundraising scripts.

13. Do I have flexibility in choosing payment mechanism?

We do integrate a versatile payment mechanism, SudoPay, along with this script. This assures the entrepreneurs to incorporate the needed payment gateways for their fundraising platform.

14. Can I make my crowdfunding platform so unique with this script?

Yes, any entrepreneurs can make the effective use of our script to build their tailor-made fundraising platform.

Creating such a user-friendly platform requires lots of custom-made facilities like regional language & currency settings, suitable payment gateways, comprehensive communication channels to gratify the target audience needs absolutely. Likewise, any kind of amenity customization is done within a short period.

15. How will Agriya respond to all your queries and difficulties in creating a viable crowdfunding platform?

Any kinds of technical support, doubts, queries, and clarification from the customers are handled and revert back to them as soon as possible. We have designed an ideal ticketing system where the customers can rise inquiry or request for technical support for successfully creating a feasible fundraising platform in no time.