Now enjoy the improved functionality, extra speed and the new implementation that is made in Agriya’s BuySell new version v2.0b1. Agriya always thrives to give complete guidance to all its global clients. This time, we have upgraded our excellent Etsy clone script-BuySell to furnish the best enhancement to your online business.

All significant changes help you to outshine in the buying and selling business with high efficiency. Here, we bring out all advancement made in the Etsy clone script-BuySell for the better understanding of the upgrade details.

Major modifications in BuySell new version v2.0b1

The major improvement in our BuySell script supports you to increase the visibility of every single webpage of your excellent buying and selling website. This script has undergone an effective shift that helps you to give unique meta characteristics for each and every page of your online marketplace website. Modify the meta titles, keywords and descriptions of every single web page according to the organic search.

Website loading speed is the significant criteria in determining the success of the business. This new version script helps you to accelerate the website speed with more reliability and also with high efficiency. We add this excellent flavor to our newly released upgraded version of this script. This advancement helps to move your business standard several steps ahead and fastens the site performance rapidly.

We took a proactive step to remove even the minor issues that were present in the script. This new version of BuySell also gets rid of some negligible issues that hide the path to attain your success in the buying and selling business.

These are the key changes made in our BuySell new version v2.0b1. Make use of this upgraded version and outperform in the online marketplace industry.

To download this new version of BuySell v2.0b1, visit Agriya store and login with your registered id. You can effortlessly shift your Buying and selling website to the new version by downloading all the patch files from our store.

Download this latest upgrade from here: