Agriya announced the release of a new version of Kootali – Kootali 2.0.6, a closed social networking script. In the latest version, they have enhanced the features of Kootali to facilitate webmasters to build a user-friendly social network.

A web-based HTML text editor called ‘FCK editor’ is made available in the blog. FCK editor is a WYSIWYG text editor that offers control over styles, paragraph formatting, fonts, colors, border and all the powerful formatting functionalities of known desktop editors like word.

Now users can share their profile on Kootali with their friends even without them logging into Kootali. The information displayed in the profile can be controlled by the user. In order to help users know where they are and navigate to each section, breadcrumb navigation has been implemented in the video and audio pages.

A statistics box is introduced in the play page to give more information like total video duration, description, and uploaded user name. In order to make users’ job easier, links like “Add more videos”,“ Edit Video” and “Delete” have been provided to help video owners add more videos to the same album, edit it and delete it on requirement.

Kootali offers more control over the video embedding option, to provide capability for video owners to control publishing of videos on external websites.

Speaking on the announcement, Sheerin, Vice President of Marketing at Agriya said “This release marks yet another iteration in the Kootali product series. Once again we have listened to client feedback and implemented features that they have demanded. Kootali is the natural choice for any business or social group to run a social network and we are confident that we can evolve it to meet the changing requirements of the customers”

Kootali, used by such sites as,,, has proven to have a major impact on business that have chosen to use it. Clients are delighted by the after sales support and regular updates provided by the developers.

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