Agriya breaks a new ground in the freelancing industry by introducing its most exclusive, highly interactive and extremely advanced freelance marketplace platform to the digital world. This platform is not only created with the new design and a fresh outlook, but also provides the freelancing industry with three distinguished freelancing business model. Let’s experience the most outstanding freelance marketplace platform.

Introducing all 3 freelancing business model

The following are the most viable freelancing business models which are indulged in this marketplace place. Have a look at each business model right away!

Freelance Bidding– Here the employers can list the projects with all their requirements within a matter of moments. Professionals will view the bids and qualified freelancers can bid for them. The winning professional will be decided by the employer.

Jobs Listing– Employers can list their jobs in your website with ease. The interested freelance professionals with the required qualification can apply for the jobs. The employers can hire the right freelancer depending on their requirements.

Portfolio– Freelancers can upload their portfolio consisting of their best works with multiple images and descriptions to grab the attention of employers and get hired.

Make use of any freelancing business model and start creating your distinctive website with this exciting marketplace platform.

Bring limelight to your versatile freelancing site using this marketplace platform

With the aforesaid business models, you can bring forth the requirements for single or all the three. This platform will just take a few days and launches the leading-edge freelancing website promptly.

The website that is powered by this platform will by all means witness a steady growth and will give a tough competition to the rival platforms, as it is endowed with plenty of unique features and is way ahead in offering user-friendly interface.

Exclusive facilities for distinctive freelancing business model

To bring uniqueness to every freelancing business model, this platform is fully powered with the wide spectrum of features, additional modules and flexible plugin tools that are inimitable to one another model. It is created in such a way that entrepreneurs can gain a competitive advantage for each business model on its own way with ease.

Consistent earning opportunities

This marketplace platform incorporated each freelancing business model with exclusive and powerful revenue making options that facilitate you to get steady earnings after the launch of your website. You can just sit back and relax while your website continuously makes money for you.

High-end tools to supervise the website performance and its activities

Real-time performance analysis is possible in your freelancing website with the complete assistance of the Insights and Google analytics options that are fabricated by this user-friendly marketplace platform. When you needed the site related performance information, you can get the reports every now and then with ease.

Analysis can also be done with respect to user activities by means of admin dashboard tool facilitated in your website. This tool avails you various user activity statistics that happens in the website. These collections of high-end tools assist you to supervise and manage the freelancing website without any special efforts.

Final word

This freelance marketplace platform will surely help the entrepreneurs to rock the freelancing industry will ease. Reach us to gain more interesting information above this script.