Every service based businesses have moved on to the on-the-go online practices to get everything done readily. Certainly, the on-demand economy has changed how businesses were perceived before. Digitally led transformations assured flexibility in businesses by generating a streamlined business model. It didn’t stop with that, as it also provided best possible means to ensure unbroken functioning just about all the time.

Simpler ways that help customers save time and effort are sought-after widely and an online appointment booking software is no different. If you can effectuate an innovative pipeline for businesses through your appointment booking script, then your product is a sure-shot winner.

The pain-point

Let’s assume a scenario where a health center receives plenty of appointment requests. If they receive 50 appointments per day, on average a staff may spend 3-4 minutes of telephonic interaction with each caller, Which consumes plenty of time. In short, with the demand for dedicated staff personnel, a large amount of time will be spent on managing those appointments. Apart from making your staffs ineffective, there are chances for duplication, giving rise to skipped follow-ups and needles visits. The same applies to other businesses as well.

Here, we cover various attributes that you just can’t overlook at any cost, while developing an appointment scheduling software.

Ease of usage

On any given day, making your software user-friendly has got be the primary focus. Users should feel very clear and comfortable in using it right from the outset. Categorize the types of services well. The search module should be advanced in a way that everyone can start looking for professionals based on the type of service, country, city and availability. To be precise, bring into play an effective public calendar that enables scheduling just about everything in a jiffy.

Appointment Reminders

A common problem that every service based business confront is customer no-show. Due to which substantial amount of money is lost. As discussed earlier, manual methods of reminding like phone calls may be highly time-consuming, ineffective and unaffordable. This is where automated reminder system can be really handy. Appointment reminders, generated within the portal, proves to be a great choice in reducing customer no-shows. Generally, they are interpreted with the help of SMS or e-mail. Along with that, for increasing user convenience, booking forms can also be attached to it. It saves time as formalities are taken care of easily, rather than dedicating additional time for it.

Calendar Management

Try incorporating a feature that just syncs your appointment scheduling software with external calendars. A majority of us use external calendars to keep track of things, it will be a valuable inclusion to manage proceedings. If made possible, both personal and business scheduling can be done through a single-centric platform.

Customer review Management

Building credibility is of utmost importance, especially, if you’re into service based business. It does great wonders in attracting new potential customers, everything of which depends on how trustworthy are you in serving their purpose. The best possible way to project that is enabling users to see how your clients or customers were benefited from you. Add modules which allow customers to rate and review a service. Generally, Opinions about Professionals, their service excellence, promptness are some of the mentionable aspects of customer reviews which businesses welcome.

Final words

Completing an extensive research on present-day market trends, Agriya has developed an Appointment Booking Software , named ABS for service marketplace. This purpose-built software, with extended set of features and functionalities, can help you standardize an appointment scheduling script instantly.

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