Chennai, 12th March 2009, Agriya Infoway announced the release of the new version of their social networking script – Kootali.

Kootali is essentially a Facebook clone script and can be modified by the webmaster to include or exclude features, and design subjectively. The new version is called ‘Kootali 2.0’ which has been integrated with a new design.

The following are the new introductions:

* The new version has been implemented with a whole new layout, with improved user based navigations and menus.
* Better organization of files and folders of the script, and improved functionalities, for better management of the website by webmasters.
* Easy customization of templates and CSS.
* Users can upload videos, organize videos under albums, maintain playlists, browse videos and categorize them under channels and tags for easy identification.
* Language based bugs have been fixed.
* Improved, clear menus, and increased user friendliness.

The company hopes to much better with the new version and is convinced it will make their customers happy.