Even though the idea of virtual currency is new to us, it has shown remarkable traits of possibilities since its inception. Evolved and built from many failures and limitations, the electronic money transaction system we have today is the best so far. And it’s true that many businesses are adopting this next-gen cashless payment system due to its more secure, safe and authentic nature. However, Agriya recently integrated a novel electronic cash system named ‘coin payment’ specifically into their crowdfunding product line to deliver an imposing user-experience.

Why do We Prefer Coin Payment over Others?

Cryptocurrencies were being in the game since 2009. It gains massive popularity as the first decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin hit the market. However, there is a multitude of factors that justify adopting a coin payment system rather than any conventional methods.

Safe and Secure Transactions

Since being the most sensitive thing in the business, money transactions have to be so accurate and reliable. This is where cryptocurrencies excel. Unlike other traditional methods, coin payment doesn’t require any user information rather than the API key. The access to the secret key would be limited to the buyer and the seller. Also, there are no third-parties to deal with. This anonymity and security make the digital money system much admirable and ideal for the current system.

No intermediary institutions Involved

The freedom user having while using Cryptocurrency is the spotlight. Unlike national currencies, digital money is absolutely free from third-party interruptions. So it is hardly possible for someone to freeze the account. The system is called peer-to-peer for this reason.

Free of Tax

Yet another major benefit of paying through coin payment is, the sales tax would not be added to any purchases. Since there is are third-parties to track, identify or interfere, the tax will never be an issue at all.

Near to Zero Transaction Fees

Fees and exchange costs are involved in standard wire transfers and foreign purchases. And these transaction charges are high most of the time. Because the coin payment system is completely free of intermediate parties and government influences, the transaction charges are very low when it compares to other similar payment methods. Moreover, the transactions are more likely to be fast, since it doesn’t require any authorizations or so.

Mobile Payments

Convenience is the most alluring factor that strikes our mind when it comes to digital money. You can buy coins despite time or location, the only thing you need an internet access. Besides, by eliminating any intermediate entities or other influences, the transaction process has made so easy and effortless.

Where did We Integrate Coin Payment Into?

Agriya’s premium crowdfunding product line comprises four distinguished scripts, which can be employed by businesses by considering the business model they want to adopt. All four products have coin payment system integrated within and those who have access can enjoy all the benefits of the same. However, aside from the coin system, Agriya’s crowdfunding software includes a multitude of other significant attributes, which collectively deliver an incredible user-experience and satisfaction. Here’s the demo,

Crowdfunding demo

Bottom Line

Digital cash is certainly an emerging idea and has to undergo many evolutions as the time goes by. However, the concept is nearly perfect to implement as for now. Many businesses have already employed the same and found it more convenient and appealing. Even though Agriya took this giant leap as an experiment, it enhanced the overall crowdfunding software experience substantially.

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