Agriya takes on modern-day market challenges through streamlined technology solutions and updates that add more values. Our updates were never habitual, moreover, value added. We constantly inspect every aspect of our produces and never swither to upgrade it further. And when we do upgrade, we blend both customer perspectives and market needs together to promise endurance.

Today, we take this leap by presenting an upgraded version of ABS – Zocdoc clone script before you. ZocDoc clone script is a ready-made solution cleverly developed to build a doctor appointment booking platform which allows you to find the doctors and schedule the appointments more efficiently and with ease.  Now,  let’s have a look at the central factors and features incorporated with this recent update of our ZocDoc clone script.

Convenience And Flexibility As The Key Intent

This recent update on ABS script focus on accelerating both convenience and flexibility for Doctors as well as the patients. The freshly upgraded version incorporated all the traits of the existing version, plus few added attributes that justify the ultimate purpose.

Personalized SMS And Mail Approach

Added this new feature “SMS Mail Content” to help build a healthy relationship between doctors and patients. Conventional SMS and mail approach was unexceptional, It was merely automated and of no use. But,  this inventive feature “SMS Mail Content” allows the doctors to personalize the SMS and email content and thus provide them great control and clarity over their communication.

Update Medical History Anytime

Agriya’s ABS script is built taking into consideration both doctors as well as the patients. The script enables the patients to make relevant changes to their existing medical history. Parallelly, it benefits doctors by delivering the current, updated information about the patients and thus reform the outcome for better.

Flexible Form Field Groups

Predefined form fields have limitations, especially when it comes to health, medicine, and treatments. Keeping this in mind we introduce adjustable form field groups which allow doctors to add more fields into the form by considering their requirements. This unique trait of updated ZocDoc script helps doctors better plan their treatment methods while considering all the given information.

Assured Precision Through Bug Fixes

Agriya’s latest update promises an error-free ABS script as we fixed all the existed issues with utmost perfection. Previous segments which encountered issues were noticed and fixed. Concerns in relation to doctor-patient appointments, issues with receiving notifications, Appointment setting and modification drawbacks are resolved as for now. Moreover, limitations referring to Doctor search is rectified as well.


Final Words

Agriya’s inventive business solutions are built with the maximal expertise to ensure sustainability and scalability. Appointment booking script developed by Agriya is a ready to deploy product and its recent upgrade depicts the refined version of same. ABS Script is the best logical choice for anyone who seeks to set up an online doctor appointment booking platform.

However, zocdoc clone script is now available in three subscription packages. The advanced plan covers all the basic features while the Pro and Pro+ incorporates several additional plugins and is feature complete.