Almost every eminent industry has migrated to digital dimension and is giving their best to stay ahead of the competition. Food ordering and delivery have recently become very familiar, in fact, many have adopted the strategy to ensure convenience and flexibility for their potential customers. A food ordering platform allows users to choose from their favorite eating spots, followed by ordering it.

Consider the rising adoption of this platforms, Agriya launches an efficient and comprehensive online food ordering solution to help businesses deploy a solid food delivery platform right away.

Feature-packed Food Ordering Solution for Progressing future

The complete food delivery solution from Agriya is a purpose-driven software venture, which aims at delivering an unrivaled user-experience, at the same time a flawless, smooth, admin-side functioning as well. Integrated with many built-in features, Agriya’s online food ordering solution blends the whole three entities, users, delivery partners, and businesses very well.  Now, throw an eye on few of many distinguishable features.

User-focused Attributes for Flawless Food Ordering Experience

Users form the main aspect of any business. Without their presence and engagement, your business has no existence. Food ordering solely depends on user-satisfaction, flexibility, and convenience. When you failed to deliver these, you will run out of business. We integrate the best features to ensure a compelling end-user experience and satisfaction.

Interactive UI and Easy Navigation

The user-intuitive UI and simple navigation make it easy for users to complete their operations. The advanced search option allows users to choose from their favorite restaurants, moreover, other features together constitute to deliver an impeccable user-experience.

Flexible Authentication Methods

Users can sign in to the platform without delay. The easy authentication methods let them join the platform without hassle. They can sign in by using social profiles or by using usual Email. Guest login is also possible.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Given the option to leave a feedback on the service they received. Reviews and ratings can help future users to take the decision. Moreover, it helps organizations to improve themselves as well.

Track Previous Order History

Access your previous order details easily by taking advantage of order history feature. Track the order details for the future purposes.

Solid Payment Gateways

Indulge in faultless payment methods. Secure payment gateways like Paypal is integrated within to guarantee safe and reliable money transactions.

Flawless Food Delivery Process with Agriya’s Food Ordering Solution

Integrate our in-depth software solution with your food delivery business- streamline the business process. Manage and organize the food ordering process for a single restaurant or a chain of restaurants. Facilitate the whole via fully automated operations. Schedule an appointment with us to get the demo of solution,

Food Ordering Solution Demo

Ideal for Both Own and Outsourced Delivery

Agriya built this highly compatible online food ordering solution in such a way it suits the requirements of both own as well as outsourced delivery. You can either run your own restaurant and delivery operations or else you can set up an outsourced delivery set up. Either way, Agriya’s online food delivery solution [erfects serves the purpose of both.

Manage Orders with Ease

Organize, manage and deliver the orders efficiently. Provide an unblemished food ordering experience by incorporating our complete software solution.

Advanced Tracking, Navigation, and Mapping

Track and monitor the delivery process through accurate navigation and mapping facilities.

Give feedback, Rate Customers

Rate customers, provide feedback on them. Improve the efficiency and user-experience by constantly providing what customers want.

Market-focused Software Solution to Fulfil Present-day demands

Agriya’s new software venture, the online food ordering system give prior consideration for businesses, thus and so it comes with a multitude of admin-side attributes to make it easy for businesses to manage the process very well.

Advanced Admin Panel

Built within an advanced admin dashboard to help businesses take control of the process. Track and monitor the status of ongoing processes.

Manage Requests, Orders and More

Manage user-requests, orders and more systematically. Achieve great efficiency and precision through organized functioning.

Intelligent Analytical Insights

Get a clear-cut idea of how the platform work and how the customers behave. The analytical insights provide allow businesses to look deep into customer behaviors and actions.

Pre-built Email Templates

Agriya integrated default Email templates to the food ordering solution to streamline your Email marketing efforts. Eliminate excess time consumption, improve productivity.

Real-time Notifications

Admins can send alerts and notifications to users as well as delivery partners to keep an active communication medium.


The global food industry is constantly growing, it is adopting greatest of the modern-day tech advancements to bring convenience to the customers. A food ordering and delivery platform have become a crucial factor in the business nowadays. Recognizing this recent trend, Agriya introduces an intelligent online food ordering solution to help businesses enter the global industry quickly and with ease. Grab Agriya’s renowned food ordering solution to provide an irresistible experience for your customers.

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