The online educational practices are now considered as an adaptive learning method across the world. This trending technique is arising out of saving money, time, pace, and much more. With the increasing interest of both learners and teachers towards the online learning, it is well-thought out business idea for the aspiring entrepreneurs.

This flourishing business firmly captures the unique standpoint, which highly inspire Agriya to jump into this industry. First time ever, now, we are on the verge of introducing the 7 most influencing online learning platforms. Soon we will launch these impeccable e-learning scripts to whole digital world.

What are those 7 e-learning scripts?

Agriya made a prompt decision in bringing up 7 individualistic readily available online learning platforms which help the entrepreneurs, learners and teachers to benefit out of it impeccably. Here we introduce all those 7 off the shelf e-learning software.

  • Teachr- Udemy clone script
  • Tutor- Lynda clone script
  • Skillr- Skillshare clone script
  • Graspr- Coursera clone script
  • Learnr- Udacity clone script
  • Teamr- Teamtreehouse clone script and
  • Trainr- Khan Academy clone script

We make it achievable for the entrepreneurs to head start an interesting online learning and tutoring platform according to their aspiration. All you have to do is to select the most fitting script which suits your target audience and the place where you planning to launch it. The rest of the things, we take care and finally give you a fully powered online learning platform in very few days.

What benefits are crafted with it?

Our developers keenly developed these scripts which can tackle different techniques followed in the online learning platforms. All our 7 distinctive e-learning scripts are specially made to meet the necessity of various online learning purposes. Each and every script is crafted with numerous needed prerequisite facilities to effectively run an e-learning platform.

Just a say, give a head start to your online  business with this trend setting e-learning concept. Agriya helps you to attain the success at a faster pace with its 7 newly developing online learning software.

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