When it comes to building an online business you can’t take chances and unknown risks. That’s why so many people have used Agriya’s FP Platform solution to build their own fixed price jobs portal. Agriya has over 10 years of web development and industry experience and is instantly recognizable as a brand that is known for stability, reliability and backup support.

Recently a micro jobs industry news site compiled a list of the 15 most popular fixed price job websites. The ranking is based on a large number of variables such as Alexa rank, Delicious bookmarks, woorank and compete rank to give a clear picture of how popular the sites are.

We are absolutely delighted to note that 12 out of the top 15 fixed price job websites on the Internet are powered by Agriya’s software and take it as a sign that Agriya is the number one choice for anyone looking to create such a site. The top 5 sites are all powered by Agriya’s software so it should tell you something about the stability and scalability of our products!

Agriya's FP Platform Powers 12 Of The Top 15 Micro Job Websites

Agriya\’s FP Platform Powers 12 Of The Top 15 Micro Job Websites

The top 5 fixed price job sites according to FiverrWay.com are as follows:

  1. Zeerk.com
  2. GigBucks.com
  3. TenBucks.com
  4. UpHype.com
  5. JustAFive.com

If you want to setup your own turnkey Micro Jobs website that works exactly like Fiverr (but with a few additional exclusive features) then visit our micro jobs script page which will give you more details about our software. You can also use the Live Chat button at the top of this page to speak to a customer rep, you can call us on +1 773 358 2979 (US) or +44 20 3287 5567 (UK) or you can shoot us an email by filling out the form on our contact page.