Adaptation is vital to success in any field. We at Agriya believe in adapting to the present market scenarios in order to leverage our position. Due to the highly competitive nature of our market, we chose to adapt to and exceed current standards set by other companies. Keeping this aspect in mind, we updated not one, but three of Getlancer scripts namely Bidding, Jobs and portfolio. The release was performed earlier this week as promised. Here, we uncover the major highlights and additions of Getlancer Bidding – Freelancer clone script.

Re-Designed Dashboard & a Stable framework

The new version is built with a highly interactive dashboard. A Dual dashboard allows the freelancer and the employer to switch between profiles smoothly. The frameworks have been reinforced to offer maximum stability. The front-end is built using AngularJs and PHP, while the back end is supported by a slim framework. In order to supplement web operations, REST (Representational State Transfer) has been integrated.

Highly innovative Plug-ins

The new version of Getlancer has been loaded with certain innovative plug-ins which are essential to the overall functioning of the script. Project flag and user flag has been included to assist the employers and the users in marking certain projects and users who are crossing deadlines or payments. Aside from that, a new exam/ skill test module has been added to check rate the freelancer’s capabilities. The scores achieved by the Freelancers add to their credentials.

Varied revenue model

The revenue model has been slightly tweaked in this new version of Getlancer Bidding. Private fee and sealed fee are added to ensure the confidentiality of the bidding process.A unique option has been added that allows for the collection of a fee when ever a freelancer attempts a skills test/exam. In addition to the above, milestone commission and invoice commission have been added to assist the freelancers and employers in balancing their books.

In-depth content and an interactive UI are enhanced

We have put in a lot of work to improve the content of this script. Freelancer data such as experience, educational qualifications, and certification are all collectible Unlike the previous version, all the necessary information and details of a project can be accessed from the same page. An Agriya only News feed has been included with the script to show updates regarding the projects and the users they are following.

Here’s the demo,

Getlancer bidding - new

To Conclude

Agriya’s critical upgrades to the latest version of Getlancer bidding has poised it to make big strides in the Freelancing market. We believe our product will be highly beneficial in adapting to the market demands while helping you sustain profitability long-term.