For the first time ever in the online industry, one mega software will have a dynamic ability to create any kind of extremely new, exclusively versatile and powerfully smart crowdfunding website. You just name any kind of crowdfunding business model, niche, currency or language, this software will do it all for you.

Give a time of few days and it will furnish you a presentable and feature rich crowdfunding website, which will perfectly suit all the needs of your target users. This innovative mega software is none other than Agriya’s Crowdfunding.

Maximum Opportunities, Endless possibilities

This innovative software will assist you to create a phenomenal crowdfunding website with anyone or a combination of the following business models.

Lend – Lenders raise funds for the borrower’s projects in exchange of interest rates for their money.

Equity – investors raise funds for a project for the return of shares from the project holders

Donate – donors provide monetary favors to the projects holders by donating the money for their project.

Pledge – backers raise funds for the projects and get rewards from the project holders.

Using the right combination for your target audience, you can generate numerous fundraising opportunities in your website.

Give a pleasant experience to your users

Your extraordinary crowdfunding website will charm the users with the advance features, responsive designs, and splendid options. Your mobile and desktop users will have an easy experience in navigating the website. All these features will help you to get more conversions in less time.

Quickly track the performance of your site

The entire performance of your website will be in front of your eyes, when you open the Google analytics and insights section of the admin panel. You can easily observe the traffic, bounce rate, ecommerce transactions, visits, project funds, user registrations, demographics, user followers and user login.

Earn easily from your website

The recession-proof revenue model of this fundraising script will help you to conveniently earn money from your website. Each revenue option is smartly placed in the right place to give you the maximum monetary benefits in the quickest way possible.

Lead your competitive niche with ease

Your website will have the esteem capability to amaze your competitors by gaining a steady flow of growth, prosperity and popularity in your niche. It will have 8 speed boosting features, which will ensure that your website is rapidly loads within seconds.

Supporting the loading speed, this fundraising script powers your website with smart digital marketing features to easily invite the users from different walks of the digital world. It will also give you an amazingly quick boost in the search engine rankings.

Spread the word to your target audience

Generate enormous traffic from search engines and social media websites with the viral marketing options if this software. It includes SEO options, Facepile, Facebook comments, Disqus comments, social sharing and social media connectivity. This will also introduce your website to a huge number of your target audience.

Final word

All the ingredients of a successful online business are included in this fundraising script. Just install it, customize it and be ready to revolutionize the digital world with your website.

Experience this simply innovative and mega fundraising script, right away