You are about to witness the most exceptional innovation, which is all set to transform the atmosphere of the online world. This invention is done by Agriya. Let’s put our foot forward and start exploring it.

Eyeing the vision of various startups and entrepreneurs, Agriya is launching a unique software which combines two diversified concepts Book and Rent in one platform-BookOrRent.

Explore BookorRent In A Nutshell

BookorRent is a multipurpose booking and rental software, which is exclusively tailored to create a booking website for courses, events, travel, activities, advertising, accommodation, food, appointments, beverage, service professionals, etc.

It can also assist you to develop a rental website for automobiles, tools, events, electronics, leisure, luxury, clothing, home, vacation rentals, etc. It will provide various inbuilt features, revenue models, web 3.0 responsive designs and strong admin interface.

Maximize your earnings easily

Generating revenue from this rental and booking software is a very easy task. It has numerous revenue options which will help you to take advantage of the commercial and the online world. The users and the host will add more cash flow to your website. The following are the built-in revenue options of the software.

User Membership Fee

To become a member in your website, the user has to pay a small amount of money.

Post Listing Fee

When a user post a rental and booking listing on your website, you will earn a dedicated amount of money.

Advertisement banner Management

Exchange money for hosting banners on your website.

Advertisement Captcha Management

Generate revenue whenever a user enters a Captcha on your website.

Website Commission

Whenever a booking or renting transaction takes place on the website, the admin earns a dedicated amount of percentage from it.

Extraordinary In Every Way Possible

This software is fully packed with multi-beneficial features. Every feature of this software not only serves their primary purpose, but takes an extra-mile to serve another purpose. Besides that, it sports multi-currency and language translation options which can help you to launch a website in any region of the world.

Optimized web 3.0 responsive designs

The designs of this software will add more value to your website by quickly responding to user’s actions. We have added a unique color of smartness behind every pixel, which empowers the website to automatically adjust itself in any kind of devices like iPad, smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Control Your Website Flawlessly

This software powers your website with a smart and secure back-end. The admin of your website can glance through the stats, Google analytics and other information about the website. He will have a comfortable experience while managing and monitoring the website.

Install and Launch Quickly

This rental and booking software is ready-made in every way. You just have to install the software on your server, nourish with content and your website is ready for launch. It will save the cost of development, designing and deployment of your website.

Final word

Go ahead and have a detailed look at the untold secrets, facts, revolutionary features and revenue options of this multipurpose booking and rental software.