Agriya launches the Next big thing in the marketplace industry. It goes beyond the boundary of innovations to provide you a new mechanism for running a website like Fiverr. It has a great style quotient and is dynamic in every way possible. It is none other than Agriya’s Fixed Price Platform – FPPlatform.

It is a new Fiverr clone script which assists you to create a micro-job website like Fiverr. You can fix any price limit in your website or have the combination of them as well.

Introducing the innovative request option

FPPlatform is unique in every way. It has got a new mechanism which is never seen before in a website like Fiverr. Now your users can post a microjob request in the website. This brainy script will find the freelancers related to the microjob and send them a notification. These freelancers can view the gig and bid for it.

This feature will add more comfort to the users of your website. They don’t have to search for the freelancers, the script will do it for them. It will also help the freelancers to find work easily.

Smooth and responsive web 3.0 designs

Reaching the best of the technology, we have given a creative touch to the design of the script. It is powered with the new generation gird style outlook and smooth flowing responsive layout. This assists the website to adapt in any kind of device in the world. The designs help the users to navigate within the website easily.

The designs of this script are powered with PJAX technology, which will help the website to load rapidly. This gives you the best results in less time.

Performance at its best

FPPlatform is an ultimate delight for webmasters who are expecting for high performance. This new Fiverr clone script is empowered with 8 high-end technologies which are specially dedicated to provide 300% better performance for your website. This will help your website to load quicker than ever before.

Revenue options

Generating revenue from your Fiverr clone website is no more a challenging task. This script has built-in revenue options which are smartly placed in your website to help you in making money easily. The following are the revenue options of the script.

1. Gig commission-Earn a dedicated amount of commission from every gig/Microjob.
2. Ad Captcha-Earn money whenever a user enters the Captcha in your website
3. Ad banners-You can host a banner on your website and generate revenue from it.

Socialize your website quickly

Get exceptional results from social media by using the growth hacking options of FPPlatform. They are all set to provide you with more traffic, users, publicity, engagement and popularity from social media websites.

Extraordinary features for extra ordinary results

This script has some extraordinary features which provide additional capabilities to your Fiverr clone website. These features enhance the website and help you to take it to the next level.