The current business environment is very dynamic and change is always constant, in order to match up with our competitors and stick to the market trends, we at Agriya always strive to provide the latest upgrades to our products. Sticking to our traditions we are excited to announce the launch of our new version Getlancer quote – Thumbtack clone script. So what’s new in our latest version of getlancer, let us have an in-depth analysis.

Improved stability & reliability

The new version of Getlancer Quote promises to provide a stable and reliable platform for the users. In order to increase its effectiveness, the frameworks have gone through minor changes. The front end is supported by Angularjs and PHP. Meanwhile, the backend is supported by the slim framework. To improve the web operation level functions REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural style has been implemented.

Revamped Revenue model

Keeping up with the pace of the modern World, the revenue model has been changed. To provide unlimited service we have introduced a subscription model for revenue generation.

Optimized functions to enable better user interaction

To enable easy and user-friendly access, certain functions are re-designed. Quote sending has been given more options. Now it’s more varied and quotes can be given based on the criteria of relevance, rating and time limit. This will give the user numerous options to choose from.

Service location integration

In the new version of Getlancer quote, an exclusive search location option has been included. This was absent in the earlier versions, and it proved to be a hindrance for service providers. With this new option, users can shortlist request service from any country and from any particular region.

Inclusion of New exciting features

A host of vibrant features has been added to the new version of Getlancer quote. Paypal gateway is enabled to provide more options for payment. Apart from that, a ‘Welcome plan’ is given for new service providers registering with the website.This will serve as a boost for new service providers who can avail free bonus credit points.


The new version of Getlancer Quote promises to improve the overall user experience which was lacking in the earlier versions. This updated version will help you is acclimatize to the latest trend of Freelance service market and will help you achieve long-term sustainability.