Modern-day transportation signifies a technology integrated, data-centric, and highly evolving intelligent system that provides masses with an easeful, secure transit, moreover, enormous possibilities for many aspiring entrepreneurs to immerse in today’s on-demand commuting business market. The massive success of Uber & Lyft on-demand services proposed a business pattern, it further inspirits others to pursue the same road.

Agriya, a pioneer in software solution development introduces a comprehensive on-demand taxi booking solution, built specifically for businesses which anticipate an extremely compatible, well functioning online taxi booking solution.

What Do We Offer?

Transportation has undergone a series of changes all these years, especially in terms of technology. One of the major reason behind this rapid evolution is user expectation and demands. And the exciting part is, this demand and expectation itself are evolving constantly.

Agriya’s first ever taxi business solution is an ultimate outcome of profound market analyses and sound expertise. It incorporates present-day market demands, customer intentions and current technology innovations to bring about an outstanding market-centric taxi booking solution.

Flexible & Easy Going Interface For Unflawed User-experience

Agriya’s first-rate online taxi destination assures utmost versatility and ease of operativeness. It guarantees flexibility even at minor level. Users, as well as drivers and admin, can easily make use of the smooth authentication process, they can register or sign in via social media or by usual methods. Users can easily choose their ride of choice, provide the necessary details and further book the ride. Whereas drivers can list their vehicle effortlessly. Since this on-demand taxi solution is business-oriented, it allows them to manage and organize the listed vehicles, moreover edit those by utilizing the edit option.

Nevertheless, users and drivers are given the privilege to update or remove their details anytime. Drivers can flexibly choose between their active or inactive statuses. They are given the option to accept and decline the ride requests according to their availability. Most importantly, users along with drivers can view their previous rides or payment history.

Secure Transit Via Accurate Navigation, Real-time Monitoring, And Updates

The success of an on-demand cab booking business is proportionally related to how good and safe a service they are offering. Agriya’s online taxi booking solution promises a safe commuting experience for their users through precise navigation, real-time notifications and more.

Through GPS integrated navigation system, drivers can find the easiest routes, moreover, users can reach their destination in time. In fact, admin can check the availability and assign the closeby driver as well. Real-time updates and monitoring practices are incorporated to ensure a safe and systematic transit. Admin can issue actual time notifications to drivers regarding the new pickups, whilst users will receive the same in relation to their journey, fares and so.

Versatile Payment Gateways For Flawless Money Transaction

Users are offered with a wide range of payment options such as pay through wallets, credit or debit cards, even they can make the payment through COD. This comprehensive on-demand taxi solution integrates within it a reliable, safe payment system which claims a totally secure, flaunt less transaction. However, this feature not only aid users but drivers as well. It safeguards the payment process and thus they no longer need to carry hard cash around.

Business-Focused Commuting Solution For Modern Times

Agriya’s new release, the on-demand taxi booking solution primarily focus on delivering complete freedom for business to seamlessly streamline the entire operations. It enables the admin to perform basic operations like including new drivers, reviewing the new signup requests, set up the commission rates and such like. Further, they can get consolidated reports on several business operations, track the entire journey etc.

The one-stop taxi booking destination integrates automated analytics within and hence offers a clear, deep insights into the whole flow. This, in turn, helps the businesses to further take logical decisions in future. Moreover, this premier cab booking solution allows businesses to expand their business territories by adding more cities as well.

Final Thoughts

Today’s urban commuting market is immensely competitive and allots space only for businesses which hold high standards. Agriya’s newly-made on-demand taxi booking solution is fully-fledged, it comprises all the best in class attributes plus numerous futuristic inventive features and is ready to encounter forthcoming future. When it confronts today’s market challenges, also heed customer perception.Thus and so, Agriya’s finest online cab booking solution implies the right choice for businesses to throw in with today’s commuting giants.

Taxi Booking Solution for Business