Nothing in education hasn’t changed much until the inception of digital. We’ve been following the notion of competition; and thought that the prime purpose of learning is to grasp more and be a little better than our colleagues/friends. However, digital learning is more methodical and its focus is on productive collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Agriya introduced their foremost custom E-learning solution a year earlier and was acknowledged as the most advanced ready-made solution ever deployed by an Indian-based software organization. However, as we comprehend the recent changes in the market conditions, also, the customer needs and expectations, we have deployed an all-around upgrade for our superior e-learning software. The upgrade solely focuses on delivering a much-optimized user experience, moreover, an enhanced business perspective to the platform itself.

Comprehensive Upgrade to Facilitate the Millennial Educational Demands

Agriya has been in the software game for almost 2 decades and has significant experience in deploying web and mobile apps. E-learning solution was one of our most prestigious made and was built to perfection by our experts. However, we kept our research going, and gathered insights on customer intentions, expectations and found ways to align it with the market conditions. This latest upgrade promises maximum relevance, interoperability and efficiency in each and every stage of the process.

Stripe-Based Payment Integration for Optimized Transactions

Stripe Payments

Despite the business vertical, the money always has an upper hand over all other aspects of your business. E-learning is not an exception as well. Hence and so, to ensure great efficiency and maximum reliability, we introduced an excelling stripe-based payment methodology. It is much simple moreover, guarantee secure interaction with its servers. Most of all, Stripe has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no minimum charges, and no card storage fees as well. This upgraded payment mechanism is chosen carefully and is assured to serve its purpose with great precision.

Subscription-based Revenue Model: Ideal for Businesses that Seek Expansion Possibilities

Subscription-based Revenue Model

Introducing a new revenue source is not common with upgrades. In fact, at least for some of us, it may seem a little more than what we expect. However, Agriya makes a brave decision to integrate novel income generating possibilities to facilitate enterprises’ efforts to improve their ROI. Besides being merely a revenue source, this particular model has significant advantages over other similar choices. The subscription model is proven in terms of improved customer retention, also, the payment safety of your business will be guaranteed. Moreover, it streamlines the cash flow management, assures all-around stability to your business.

RTL Support to Accommodate a Broad Range of Audiences

RTL Support

Even if the languages that use RTL text direction is a minority among others, it accounts for over 1 billion people. Particularly, learners who speak languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew etc can make use of this innovative feature and conveniently learn without any language barriers. We included this feature as part of our recent upgrade to help enterprises expand their market, consider more learners without limiting their potential by languages they speak or culture they live in. Anyhow, although this feature is focused on overseas clients, it will help you intensify the customer engagement, boost the app authority and conversion rates as well.

Other Major Customization Practices to Elevate the Existing Platform Experience

Besides the major upgrades implemented, we’ve also performed minor bug fixes and customization works to improve user satisfaction and credibility. To help learners find courses, resources or anything they required to complete their desired task, we’ve optimized the search mechanism; included filtering and sorting options, sliders and more. Moreover, we made available the downloadable course brochures, also, enable organizations to upload a logo for the courses they created.

Bottom Line

Since it played a crucial part in establishing the concept of e-learning in today’s digital business scenario, Agriya’s e-learning solution signifies one of the most dynamic ready-made online script available in the market as of now. The lately upgraded premium product is promised to be the ideal version of the e-learning solution; for it underwent significant renovation practices, added more features and attributes as well. Above all, since it is deployed as a ready-made script, there isn’t any other easiest way for organizations to set up an astounding e-learning platform quickly rather than this.

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