When we comprehend the way the world works, we will understand that it is all that we learn is how we become capable to contribute to the world. In fact, education is considered the foundation of human experiences; for it is what we learn shapes our deeds and the success of it. E-learning solution from Agriya’s premium product line is the progeny of a greater vision to streamline the way the world learns. And since its inception, it has served a multitude of enterprises, facilitates their strategies, and help them stay ahead of the curve.

As of now, Agriya issues the latest update for their supreme e-learning solution, it focuses on bringing forth utmost user-credibility and satisfaction by enhancing and integrating more innovative attributes into the existing system.

A more Focused, All-optimized E-learning Platform for Today’s Millennial Businesses

The E-learning solution developed by Agriya is fully-packed and is considered a paradigm for digital learning platforms. However, when we closely analyzed the way the market has changed recently, even if it’s just fractional, it seems to be crucial for us to enhance our premium solution in such a way it satisfies all the needs of the particular market. Aside from the bug fixes and enhancements implemented by our experts, they have also integrated a couple of features, that aims to transcend the emotion of the premium digital learning solution.

Stripe-based Payment Integration – Quick, Flawless Transactions Assured

Stripe Payment Method

Since money is the foundation in which a business is built upon, isn’t it the most sensitive thing in any business? Because every e-learning platforms involve some kind of money transactions, streamlining the payment methods are crucial and important. Here in Agriya’s e-learning solution, we have integrated a novel Stripe payment mechanism, which is much simplified and also ensures secure interaction with its servers to keep the data safe. Moreover, unlike other payment gateways, Stripe has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no minimum charges, and no card storage fees as well. This recent update facilitates both users and businesses equally; for it optimizes the way transactions occur, which is equally beneficial for both entities.

Subscription-based Pricing Model – Focus on Business Scalability and Expansion

Subscription based pricing model

This may seem very different in the case of an update, that a new revenue model is way out of the box scenario, isn’t it? But, through keen research and analysis on business growth and the potential boost, we make up our mind to integrate one of the most effective income-generation sources into our prestigious e-learning product line. This creates new possibilities of growth and expansion for those who adopt this script. Moreover, you may see a significant improvement in terms of customer retention as well. It also assures great payment safety to your business; helps you to streamline your cash flow management. The business stability is yet another positive factor about this specific pricing model. More than just the consistency in business, it offers overall stability to your business.

Bottom line

The e-learning solution developed by our experts are clearly business-focused; for it incorporates everything you need to run a digital learning platform. And since it is a ready-made script, it can be employed easily and set up an all-inclusive online learning portal. However, this recent update is more like an act of modernization; it focuses on elevating the business potential and stability, at the same time, streamlining the way users interact. Get in touch with us to get a free consultation and start your e-learning platform today!

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