Android play store has plenty of QR code and barcode scanner apps, but if you don’t have this app on your mobile, you are certainly going to miss a lot of features.  From scanning various types of QR and bar code to saving the information in your desired way, this app has got plenty in store for you. Let’s see innovative and smart insights of the best QR and barcode scanner app right away.

Barqr - Agriya

Smartly reads numerous types of QR and Bar codes

Your smartphone will be equipped with a dynamic scanning technology through this application. It will have the ability to quickly read QR codes, Bar codes, EAN 8/13, Code39, Code128 and UPC-A and codebar codes. Just place the codes in the focus box and this app will do the rest.

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Quickly scan multi-color barcodes and QR codes

Not just simple barcode and QR code, this Android application also scans any kind of variety of multicolor barcodes, QR code with logos, multicolor QR codes. It just takes a few micro seconds to show the information to you.

Zoom in and out to scan codes

Scanning small QR codes and barcodes is no more a difficult task. This application helps you to zoom and scans them effectively. This kind of versatile ability is not present in any of the current QR code scanner apps.

Scan QR codes at different angles

You choose the angle to scan the QR code and this scanner will help you to fetch all the details effectively.  You can also scan it in both landscape and portrait modes of your screen. This makes BarQR the Best QR code scanner for Android smartphones.

 Yield productive actions from QR codes

Your smartphone will tell you what’s next to do after scanning the QR code. It will give you a list of appropriate actions which are ready to obey the commands of your fingers. Just give touch them and see your smartphone executing that action instantly.

  1. Contact QR codes – Store them in your smartphone
  2. Network based QR codes – Connect to the network with one click
  3. Contact numbers – Call them instantly
  4. Links  – Quickly surf them in your mobile browsers
  5. Calendar – Add them to your calendar
  6. Price – Browse them on the web
  7. Messages with contact number– Send MMS or SMS spontaneously

Save information with a comment

Never forget the results of your QR and bar codes ever in your life. This app provides you the option to save them with a desired text, which is easy to remember. After saving the results, you can find them in the history section of this application. Just touch one of them and the results will quickly prompt back on your smartphone.

Share codes within seconds

Quickly share the information of the QR and barcodes with your friends and family. You can share them via Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, WhatsApp, Bluetooth and many more mechanisms.

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Final word

So what are you waiting for? Get the best QR code and barcode scanner for your Android phone right away.  Visit the play store and download this application to make your smartphone a powerful QR and barcode scanner.

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