Agriya welcomes you to the magnificient, flexible and trendy world of online business. An exciting, vibrant and creative online business has exploded the markets and has emitted many rays of success. This industry is known as design contest industry.

We analyzed the growing demand of this industry and thus we launched a business friendly and user friendly design contest script, which is a combination clone of 99Designs,DesignCrowd,Design Contest, Logotournament.

Immense Benefits of the Design Contest Markets

Designers want various design projects which will consume little time and give good revenue from them. They don’t have a global reach and thus their portfolio is just limited to a local area. The advantage of internet is that you can reach any corner of the globe.

The concept of design contest markets gained popularity from the designer’s community. The designers got large number of projects from various parts of the globe. Once a designer is rewarded in a famous site like 99designs, his portfolio will get an extra weightage. The employers would know that he is a professional designer, who has a passion to provide creative designs. Thus he will attract more employers.

The website owner would get commission, whenever a winner is chosen in a design contest. All he needs to do is purchase a design contest script, installs it on his server and maintain the site. After that he just has to have a keen look on the contest hosted and his bank accounts.

Business organizations would get around 100 entries for a design contest and thereon they select a creative design which matches to their expectations and global standards of designs. They get all this at an economical price. Almost every organization looks for a cost effective solution.

There is a famous saying about saving money it is – “A penny saved is a penny earned”. The same streamline our 99designs clone script is constructed.

Evolution of Potential 99Design Clone Script

Agriya is a customer centric company. In order to know our customers dreams and their expectations, we developed a stunning business friendly platform called as Ideas. Our valuable customers post their innovative ideas. The idea Design contest script was one such concept which evolved from IDEAS platform.

After analysis the requirement of this design contest script, we moved the product for voting. This concept attract lot of fame, thus it was moved to funding. We had about 12 funders, who sensed a great future of this script and pledged a dedicated amount. As soon as all the phases were completed, we shaped this 99designs clone into a cutting edge design contest script.

Market Needs of 99Designs Clone Script

Business organizations have many designing requirements but to meet the competitive world of business, the designs need to be creative, sleek and should be crafted with simplicity. Each company has a good designing team, but after some time the designers gives monotonous style of designing. So companies started to outsource their design projects.

These outsourcing companies gave them few alternatives to choose. This gave them few options to select an apt design. To mold these cons of the design industry, design contest industry was formulated. Soon this design contest market conquered the online world. Understanding market demands we decided to develop a 99designs clone script.

Development of Supreme Quality 99Designs Clone Script

Our expertise team used the spice of creativity and added many flavors to the design contest industry. Each module of this 99designs clone script is crafted to give multiple benefits. Our customers can extract the entire essence of our features. We have added tremendous geeky solutions and enforce the art of simplicity in it. We have used cutting edge technology to develop this 99designs clone script.

How to Earn from this 99Designs Clone Script?

Online business revolves around users, creativity, innovation and revenue. We have incorporated multiple mechanism of generating enormous wealth in a short span of time. The following are the ways to earn money from this leading design contest script.

  •  Paid User Membership
  • Ad-Banner
  • Ad Captcha
  • Site Commission
  • Pricing Packages
  • Additional Contest Options Like Private,Blind And Featured

Highlighting Features of this 99Designs Clone Script

360Contest a leading 99designs clone script has splendid features which meets various requirements of design contest industry. We have fused a form builder, which has a dynamic capability to generate forms for each contest. Using this feature the site owner can build separate forms for each category and also formulate a mechanism for having different prices for different categories. This makes our 99Designs clone script exceptional.

We have also added an anti spam mechanism which acts like a firewall for protecting spam users and robots. This feature gives site owner the assurance that he is free from spam users and the contest holders get a confidence that only professional designers would participate in his design contest.

Besides giving various advantages to the contest holder, this design contest script has exclusive features for the site owner. One of them is graphical admin stats. Using this feature the admin can see the crucial facts of his website represented in graphical format.

This design contest script is PayPal adaptive. When a contest holder picks a winner for his contest, the price money is deposited in designers Paypal account and the commission amount is deposited in the website owner account. This entire mechanism is automated.

Essential Requirements for Installing this Design Contest Script

For installing this vibrant, classy and reliable 99designs clone script the following system requirements are needed

  • A Linux server
  • Apache
  • Mysql
  • PHP platform

We require LAMP to lighten the design contest market.

360Contest Amazes the Clone Script Market

We are the pioneers of clone script market. We have added a color feather in our cap by being the first ever clone script to generate money from Captcha. We have intelligently fused this in the registration form. There are many such surprises unlocked within our 99designs clone script.

Explode the design contest market and radiate various modes of success. Walk down to the champion of clone script market and get a customer driven, result oriented and concrete design contest script. Stays connected with us and know the secrets to excel in the booming online industry.

Build a 99designs clone website using a fantastic design contest script.