Agriya always re-evaluates the frequency of updating apps. We release prompt updates to eliminate the bugs and glitches that guarantee error-free performance every time. Also, we invest efforts in promoting the app’s ongoing stability. We care about our customer’s business and hence continually strive to deliver crucial values.

This time, we’re releasing an exciting update to TaxiPickr- Uber clone app script. And, the good news is the update supports both iPhone and Android versions.

Individual builds for user and driver

The prime objective behind the update was facilitating drivers with an individualized app system. Simply put, we were more focused on creating the driver-tailored experience. And, we have successfully implemented that by taking into consideration all the possible difficulties experienced by drivers while driving. Moreover, with individual app systems both users and drivers can save valuable space on their respective devices. And, that’s not all! Both the user and driver standalone app release will share some attributes in common.

The Technology behind the build

The front-end of the app will be supported by AngularJS. Whereas, the back-end by the robust combination of Slim and PHP (5.5.9). To boost the app’s overall capabilities “Postgres SQL” database is favored. And, the code generation is carried out on the top of “Objective C” programming language.

Basically, these implementations are performed keeping in mind the compatibility factor of both iOS and Android platforms.

Wait! There’s another update on the horizon.

Yes, another update is around the corner and it’s focused on offering a fresh breath of air via the design and functionality details.

Here’s what you can expect

  • A powerful built-in mechanism which can perform a seamless automatic calculation in overcoming the typical waiting charge gripes.
  • Furthermore, it will also perform late night and peak hour charge calculations.
  • The users, on the other hand, can benefit from the detailed-oriented functionality subsets and layout. He/she will be able to obtain a comprehensive view of directions, distance and time via the app’s connection with Google API.
  • Over and above, a user can also acquire an absolute summary of travel including a report behind the charge collection.
  • Above all, significant UI changes are being performed at vital areas of functional sequences to offer an excellent interface.

Final words

Agriya is rolling out this update to help customers optimize their Taxi-hailing business comprehensively. And, in forthcoming time, we promise to release key updates as mentioned by a precise analysis of market trends.