When you are outsourcing PHP projects like our clientèle does then the distance can have an adverse effect on the final outcome – there is nothing quite like being in the same office as your web developer and showing them exactly how you want each part of your site to function.

Side Note: We would be delighted and actively encourage our clients to come to India to meet the developers and spend a few days working with them. We usually have several clients visiting us at any one time so you could get to meet up with other people from around the world too!

Agriya tries to handle this problem via regular Skype chats and more recently through WebEx which allows the client to share their desktop and we can see exactly what they are seeing. However, with so many other commitments our clients sometimes find that they don’t have an hour to spare to walk through the site at a time that is convenient to them.

We have recently come across a brand new Firefox plugin called FireShot which allows you to take a screen capture of the website and then annotate it with comments, arrows and boxes. After playing around with it for a few days we have decided that we will start recommending it to our clients so that they can make quick annotations to the website and visually give all their feedback.

The plugin works flawlessly, simply install it (a couple of button clicks) and you are given an icon in the Firefox browser. Click the icon and it opens a new window with the website screenshot and gives a variety of tools for you to start annotating. The working area looks like this below:

The Fireshot Plugin Interface

The Fireshot Plugin Interface

We took a screenshot of our iSongs.fm site which uses the Volume software with a customized design (and a beautiful customized design if we do say so ourselves) and proceeded to annotate it as if we were giving proper client feedback, you can see the result below:

iSongs Annotated Feedback

iSongs Annotated Feedback

There are two ways we can see this excellent screen capture software being used:

  1. Annotating the screenshot with the comments within the image
  2. Annotating the screenshot with numbers and referencing them in a Word or Excel document

The visual nature of an annotated screenshot makes it much easier for developers to work with rather than going by page after page of written feedback, which can be misunderstood or not be clear enough on what part of the site it is referring to.

Agriya highly recommends that all our clients and potential clients install this Firefox screen capture plugin as it will help tremendously when it comes to giving feedback.